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A.M.I. Automatisme Micro-
Informatique Industriels S.A.R.L.

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27950 Saint Marcel
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Herr Lacalmette Jean-Pierre
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We offer a complete system for alarm centralization and reporting, extensible by BUS RS485. Alarm indicating with local or central (supervisor) acknowledgment. Integral operator help (and text instruction), printed with time stamp, chronologic history, back up on USB key, possible remote to supervisor, possibility ...weiterlesen

J1805- J2005 - J2405

J1805 - Format DIN 96x96 J2005 - J2405 - Format DIN 144x144. Indicator panel to 8, 12 or 24 Multicolor LED 5x10mm high brightness. 7 choice of color display, selectable from the front by switch. They consume just 10mA by seeing a decrease of 50% compared to J1800, J2000, J2400 and are identical in appearance ...weiterlesen


Complete alarms wall box with back up battery and integral charging unit, from 8 to 96 alarms. This system is usually used in building. Allows regrouping the different states of the same system on one place: - Start / Stop / Alarm (PUMP) - Start / Stop / De-icing / Alarm (COOLING GROUP) - Alarm (BOILER) Features: ...weiterlesen

J1905 / J3000 / J3500

We offer alarms annunciators from 8 to 12 multicolor «high brightness« LED (size : 10x10mm). 5 LED colors available: green, yellow, red, blue and white. Removable LED. Its climatic ambience tolerances (-10°C/+50°C) and its supply voltage tolerances (-40%/+30%) make the component essential for any installation ...weiterlesen

PAN35 & PAN45

Format DIN 48x48 The PAN35 and the PAN45 are small economic panels especially studied for the starting cupboards or the electric control panels, switchgear or enclosure. They make it possible to announce: - 3 or 4 gathered information. - For example "Start, stop, default". - "Presence of the 3 three-phase ...weiterlesen

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