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High Vaccum Dust Collection Main Machine

Model: KTGY-0.5KD Dimension: 1250*650*1230mm Airflow: 500m3/h Power: 7.5 kW Advantages: * Adopt DC speed regulation brushless motor to improve work pressure, adopt small air flow high pressure to realize station dust removal. * Two stage filteration, entrance air source adopt whirlwind pretreatment ...weiterlesen

Central Fumes Filter

Model: KTJZ-4.0KDII Dimension: 1100×1100×2800mm Airflow: 4000m3/h Power: 5.5 kW Advantages: * Multi-usage for one machine, frequency conversion, microcomputer control, save energy. * Cartridge filtering and automatic dust-cleaning of pulse control; * The filtering efficiency reaches to 99%, ...weiterlesen

Grinding and Polishing Purification Work Bench

Model: KTT-3.0KD Dimension: 1720×970×1700 mm Airflow: 3000m3/h Power: 4.0 kW Advantages: * Bench with downward ventilation. Cleaning effect, the dust in the air and spread easily, with high reliability and security. * High degree of integration, low maintenance cost. Equipment, small footprint, ...weiterlesen

Ventilation Purifying Intergration Machine

Model: KTTJ-30K Dimension: 2870×1880×6755 mm Airflow: 30000m3/h Power: 30 kW Advantages: * Integration of ventilation and purification function, no need pipeline layout, can reduce much equipment and construction cost * Fan is installed in sound absorption equipment,so equipment has very low ...weiterlesen

Grinding Work-table of Water Curtain

Model: KTSM-2000 Airflow: 2000m3/h Power: 1.35kW Advantages: * Adopt German technology and imported key parts. * Compact and simple structure * Adopt explosion-proof fan, good safety performance * Adopt water tank with full filled water to precipitate big grain dust, filter with water recycling Application ...weiterlesen

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