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Aktif Elektroteknik San. ve Tic. A.S.

Aksemsettin Mah., Catalca Sok. No:113
06934 Sincan
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Frau Gozde Guvenman
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Telefon: +90 216 314 9320
Herr Tayfun KIRKIK
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
101-250 (Stand: 2014)

zwischen 10 Mio und 50 Mio EUR (Stand: 2014)


Earthing Switch

Aktif Earthing Switch is used for earthing the medium voltage systems in safety and can operate with all type of disconnector mechanisim. Due to the air insulated type, disconnector contact position can be observed easly.weiterlesen

Air Insulated Rotary Disconnector Switch

Aktif - Air Insulated Switchgear - Disconnector Switch is manufactured as 3 poles and 2 positions. Together with SES type earthig switches, it can be used as 3 poles and 3 positions. In case of on-load switching operation isn't necessary, the disconnecting operation can be done safety without required ...weiterlesen

Power Factor Correction Solutions for MV

Power Factor Correction Solutions for MV Systems.weiterlesen

Reactive Power Compensation Solutions-LV

Aktif has been giving solutions to power quality problems for industrial and trade plants since 1996. Aktif has been still creating solutions with products and systems with its experienced engineers. Product Group: Aluminum Cylindrical Capacitors Resin Type Power Capacitors Thymod Series Static Electronic ...weiterlesen

Medium Voltage Capacitor Banks

Medium voltage capacitor is designed and manufactured by using latest technology and high quality materials. Capacitors can discharge easily thanks to its internal discharge resistor. Capacitors have internal fuse or external fuse (accordance to requirements)weiterlesen

Aluminum Cylindrical Capacitors

Asset cylindrical capacitor is designed for power factor correction at low voltage systems. Capacitor has a cylindrical aluminum case. At the same time Asset cylindrical capacitor has fireproof construction thanks to its special design. All the Asset LTC series cylindrical capacitors are manufactured ...weiterlesen

Harmonic Filter Reactors

Asset AR series low voltage harmonic filter reactors are used in the high level of harmonic distortion in facilities for compensating of reactive power and protecting of capacitors. Asset AR series harmonic filter reactors are manufactured as single phase and three phase. AR series harmonic filtering ...weiterlesen

Static Electronic Switch for Capacitor

Asset ThyMod series Static Switch is the electronic switching unit that allows switching the capacitor banks without any discharge delay in the plants and also switching the capacitor banks according to load variation cannot be possible. ThyMod series Static Switch is developed according to the related ...weiterlesen

GPRS Communication Unit (Smart Modem)

Asset NCP12 industrial GPRS communication device (Smart GPRS Modem) is used to monitor and control electricity, water, gas meters and other control equipment over GSM/GPRS network. Modem supports commonly used protocols like IEC 62056-21, DLMS/Cosem, Modbus-RTU, M-Bus (with module) etc. This enables ...weiterlesen

Medical Isolating Transformers

Asset Medical IT transformer are designed compatible with IEC 60364-7-710 standards for power supply of single phase IT systems and produced in accordance with EN 61558-2-15 standards. Constant angles are isolated from transformer core thanks to a static display placed among primary and secondary coils. ...weiterlesen

Operating Control Panels

OCP-7 Operating Room Control Panel is a modern and reliable device designed in order to provide optimal operation conditions that are necessary in operational theatres and to form the most comfortable environment that is possible for surgery team. Touch screen LCD display having easy cleanable IP65 ...weiterlesen

Compact Transformer Substations

Aktif Elektroteknik manufactures three types of complete Compact Transformer Substation solutions for energy distribution systems between 1kV and 52kV with switching devices, transformers, LV distribution panels, MV panels and control panels. 1- Monoblock Concrete Kiosk : SMK and SPK series kiosks generate ...weiterlesen

Automatic Meter Reading & Management

Aktif is developing and installing his own Meter Automation Systems, also as known as AMR Systems (Automatic Meter Reading System). We are in service with advanced automation systems for distribution companies, Industrial Zone's, Shopping Malls, intelligent buildings and the factories with our development ...weiterlesen

Energy Management Systems

Aktif Group, supplies communication devices, energy management software (and MDM) and engineering services. Actwin Smart Energy Management - Billing Software is an energy management and AMR software that automatically gathers data from devices like meters (electricity, water, gas etc.), analyzers, relays, ...weiterlesen

MW Switchgears

Aktif Elektroteknik A.S. manufactures MV switchgears up to 40 kV, 4000 A, 40 kA. Aktif MV switchgears present special solutions for substations, industrial facilities and building applications and traction systems by analyzing customer requirements. Aktif MV Switchgears can be designed according to ...weiterlesen

Isolating Power Panels

Isolating Transformer Power System is used in group 2 rooms in medical locations. It systems consist of auxiliary devices and test combinations such as isolated power panels and insulation transformer, isolation monitoring device, remote alarm panels. When isolation fault occurs with isolated power ...weiterlesen

Capacitor & Harmonic Filter Banks

Asset MS series Harmonic Filter Capacitor Banks thanks to harmonic filters, operate perfectly and continuously with its withstand values %18 over voltage and %50 over current. Inrush current limiting characteristics of MS series capacitor banks help to network to not increase the inrush when capacitor ...weiterlesen

Neutral Grounding Resistor

SRG series neutral grounding resistors are used in substations, hydroelectrical power plants, wind power plants. SRG neutral grounding resistor is manufactured according to international standards, TSE, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 qulity standards.weiterlesen

Mobile Substations

Aktif Elektroteknik is producing Mobile Substations for Transmission & Distribution Systems. SMS series mobile substations are transformer and distribution substations on mobile platforms in order to provide energy for temporary or additional energy demands of facilities. SMS series mobile substation ...weiterlesen


Andere Analysegeräte und Analysesysteme Automatische Geräte zur Leistungsfaktorverbesserung bis 1 kV Blindleistungskompensationsanlagen Energie-Management für Verteilungsnetze Energie-Management-Systeme Forschung zu medizinische Überwachungstechnik Forschung zu Sicherheitstechnik, Überwachung Intelligente Stromzähler, Smart Meters Isolationsüberwachungsgeräte Kommunikationsmodems, Alarmmodems für Mobilfunk/GSM, Störmelder & Alarmmodule für Mobilfunk/GSM Kompensationsdrosselspulen Komplette Umweltmesssysteme und Umweltnetze (gleichzeitige Messung von mehreren Komponenten) Kondensatoren für Hochspannungsanlagen Kondensatoren für Niederspannungsanlagen Leistungskondensatoren Leistungswiderstände Mittelspannungs-Lastschaltanlagen Mittelspannungs-Schalter und Mittelspannungs-Schaltfelder Mittelspannungs-Übergabestationen, Niederspannungs-Übergabestationen Oberwellenfilter, harmonische Filter Out-Door-Gehäuse für elektrische Schaltanlagen Schaltanlagen für Solarkraftwerke, Solarenenergiegewinnung Schaltgeräte und Schaltanlagen für Wasserkraftanlagen Schaltgeräte und Steuergeräte Sicherheits-Erdungs-Einrichtungen und Kurzschlussvorrichtungen Sicherheitsschaltgeräte, einschl. Leitungsschutzschalter Sicherheitstransformatoren und Trenntransformatoren Simulation für die Energietechnik Software für Machine-To-Machine-Kommunikation, M2M Sonstige Induktivitäten für Anwendungen in der elektrischen Energietechnik Sonstige Messungen und Analysen für die Energietechnik Sonstige Schaltanlagen, Übergabestationen und Umspannstationen Sonstige Starkstromkondensatoren Sonstige Umweltmesstechnik (Systeme, Geräte) Teile und Zubehör für Schaltanlagen, Umspannstationen Thyristorschalter, Thyristorwendeschalter bis 1 kV Transformatoren-Compactstationen Überwachungssysteme für Sicherheitszonen Vorgefertigte Mittelspannungs-/Niederspannungs-Übergabestationen Widerstände

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