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TB Wood's: Formeflex

Flexible disc coupling Form-Flex® couplings transmit torque while compensating for angular, parallel and axial misalignment between two connected shafts. Flexible disc couplings minimize the misalignment forces on the connected equipment.weiterlesen

TB Wood's: Elastometric Jaw couplings

TB Wood's Jaw couplings are designed to meet high-quality standards while remaining affordable. Wood's offers two Jaw-type elastomeric couplings: a straight L-Jaw coupling available with four insert materials and a straight C-Jaw coupling designed for high-torque loads. Both are 100% interchangeable ...weiterlesen

TB Wood's: Dura-Flex® couplings

TB Wood's Dura-Flex® couplings are designed from the ground up using finite element analysis to maximize flex life. Perfect for a wide variety of applications -- including those with uniform to heavy shock loads -- Dura-Flex® couplings employ a light weight element that absorbs shock loading and torsional ...weiterlesen

TB Wood's: Sure-Flex® couplings

TB Wood's Sure-Flex® couplings use a rubber (EPDM), neoprene, or Hytrel sleeve and have exceptional torsional flexibility. Their 4-way flexing action absorbs virtually all types of shock, misalignment, and end float. With Sure-Flex couplings, the need for lubrication and maintenance is eliminated. As ...weiterlesen

Torque Limiter: Samiflex

Bibbigard® Torque Limiters eliminate the problems associated with slow reaction electrical overload devices, shear pins which give a wide release torque variation, or slip clutches which may rapidly overheat. Bibbigard® products can save you money - the initial cost is frequently more than covered ...weiterlesen

Torque Control: Bibbigard Modules

Bibbygard torque limiting modules are designed to be incorporated between two flanges and preset to release at a specified torque value in order to protect the drive system from expensive damage and lost production. They can be used with various types of drive medium many of which are available from ...weiterlesen

Industrial couplings: grid

State-of-the-art design from Bibby Turboflex, the original grid coupling manufacturer. 54 Series/Bibby 2000 Series is an all-metal coupling that provides positive protection against the damaging effects of shock loads and vibration. Both horizontal cover (H), and vertical cover (V) designs are available. ...weiterlesen

Industrial couplings: gear

Bibby Turboflex Gear Couplings have been proved over many years of use internationally, in all kinds of industrial environments. This reliability has been achieved by our attention to detail in design, applications expertise and stringent quality control. Fully-crowned gear teeth provide maximum contact ...weiterlesen

Industrial Couplings: Pin & Bush

The Eflex pin and bush couplings accept parallel, angular and axial misalignment and can provide considerable torsional flexibility. Vertical or horizontal operation 80-90 shore hardness removed and replaced by robust buffer material Steel or cast iron hubs Brake drum or disc available as well as special ...weiterlesen

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