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Cantoni Motor

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Cantoni Motor S.A.

3 Maja 28
43-400 Cieszyn
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
1.001-10.000 (Stand: 2008)


Traction motors and generators

Traction motors, with power output from 50kW up to 1500kW, and traction generators. Motors for various traction vehicles: trams (including low-deck trams), trolleybusses, subway and locomotives.weiterlesen

NEMA motors

Low voltage NEMA motors SIE series designed to increase motors performance (to comply with the NEMA PREMIUM requirements). The NEMA Premium efficiency electric motors program refers to single-speed, polyphase, 1-500 horsepower 2, 4, and 6 pole, NEMA Design A or B, continuous rated, squirrel cage induction ...weiterlesen

3-phase induction motors with foreign cooling

Three-phase induction motors output range from 0, 04 to 18,5kW with foreign ventilation. Motors with foreign ventilations are supplied independently of the main motors and built in the fan cover. They are adapted for speed regulation by frequency converter.weiterlesen

Standard 1-phase squirrel cage motors

Single-phase general purpose motors with squirrel-cage rotor output range from 0,06 to 2,0kW. Description of the catalogue motors: general purpose motors; temperate climate, duty S1, rated voltage 230V, frequency 50 Hz, ambient temperature from -15°C to +40°C, standard paint colour ...weiterlesen

Brake motors

Brake motors with AC and DC brakes - output range from 0, 09 to 160kW. Self-locking motors with brakes can be applied in case of necessity to stop quickly the motor (using electromagnetic brake supplied from terminal board of motor).weiterlesen

Explosion-proof motors

Increased safety motors, output within 0, 09-22 kW, adapted for operation in areas endangered by explosion (without methane). Flame-proof motors, outputs within 0, 75-315 kW, frame size 80-315, adapted for operating in areas endangered by mix of explosion gas and vapours. Motors are certified acc. ...weiterlesen

3-phase motors for high voltage

Three-phase squirrel-cage high voltage motors series Sh: motors of mechanical sizes from 355 to 450 of rated power 160-1800kW. Three-phase squirrel-cage high voltage motors with module construction series Sf: motors of mechanical sizes from 315 to 450 of rated power 160-2000kW. The extension ...weiterlesen

Standard 3-phase squirrel cage motors

Three-phase general purpose motors with squirrel-cage rotor, output range from 0,04 to 5000kW. Features: rated output for continuous duty rated voltage 230, 400 or 500 [V] frequency 50 or 60 [Hz] environment ...weiterlesen

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