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Cewe Instrument AB

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611 32 Nyköping
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Frau Mr. Hans Gustavsson
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Position Indicators

Our high quality position indicators are designed for use in power distribution control boards and mimic (mosaic) panels. A wide range of symbols can show the position of circuit breakers and isolators in electrical systems, or the position of valves in flow control systems. A moving magnet mechanism ...weiterlesen

Analogue Panel Instrument

Used for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.weiterlesen

CDM Energy Counter

DIN-rail mounted energy counters for both single & 3-phase connectionweiterlesen


Premier is a comprehensive smart metering solution for import and export applications. It is a four-quadrant meter, supporting multiple tariffs, maximum demand recording, data storage and advanced communication options and is ideally suited for use in HV and MV applications. An RS-232 port is fitted, ...weiterlesen

Configurable Transducer DPT300

New configurable transducer range!weiterlesen

Configurable Transducer DPT100

New configurable transducer range!weiterlesen

Prometer 100

Prometer 100, series of next generation energy meter designed for power transfer points requiring precise measurements and revenue transaction. Flexible and modular communications ensure integration with existing AMR / AMI / SCADA systems and upgrade to future SAS systems. 4 quadrant energy measurement ...weiterlesen


Using Secure controls in a domestic central heating and hot water installation means better and a more accurate control of time and temperature in the system. Sometimes the solution needs to be simple, like a room stat and timer installation. At other times, a more sophisticated system requiring a 3 ...weiterlesen


Direct-connected meter Sprint is a family of three-phase direct-connected electricity meters designed for installation in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Sprint meters support flexible time-of-use (TOU) tariffs and maximum demand recording.weiterlesen


Elite 440 is an advanced three-phase multi-line multi-function panel instrument for accurate and reliable measurement of electrical quantities for industrial and commercial applications. Elite 440 has a large backlit LCD display which enables four parameters to be displayed at the same time. Modbus communication ...weiterlesen

Discrete Transducers

Series of discrete transducers can measure all electrical quantitiesweiterlesen

Programmable Transducer DPT

Series of programmable transducers can measure electrical quantitiesweiterlesen


High precision energy meterweiterlesen

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