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Chenta Precision Machinery Industrial

Logo Chenta Precision Machinery Industrial
Halle 24, Stand A28


Chenta Precision Machinery
Industrial Inc.

118 Hall Tran Lane
Jen-Wu District
814 Kaohsiung City
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Fax: +886 7 3727 267


Herr Manager Ray Chen
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Telefon: +886 7 3726345
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
101-250 (Stand: 2017)

zwischen 10 Mio und 50 Mio USD (Stand: 2016)

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GearKing Inc.
Vereinigte Staaten (USA)
Chenta Precision Machinery (Suzhou) Co.,



Precision Planetary Gear Reducer

Gear box and internal ring gear are integrated designed, diameter maximized, high precision and high torque capacity are specialties. Integrated design of planet carrier and output shaft ensures the maximum torque stiffness and stability. Triple split collet with dynamic balanced set collar clamping ...weiterlesen

Stainless Steel Worm Gear Speed Reducers

304 stainless steel housings, covers, flanges and output shafts to withstand harsh environments, for corrosion resistant and longer life operation Polished, smooth and free of unnecessary ledges on surface improves cleanability 15CrMo4 quill input with carburizing heat treatment provides with robust ...weiterlesen

Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Reducer

Design Concepts: The combination of standardization and modularization allowed interchangeability with international leading brands, while keeping structure rigidity and compactness. Noise Level: Leveraging the advantage of high efficiency of helical gears, the reducers performs with higher stability ...weiterlesen

Helical Gear Speed Reducer

It has the following features: - According to German Institute for Standardization (DIN) design-high efficiency, high strength, and low noise. - Complete specifications come out diverse installations. - Cast iron made housing strengthen the crash-against. - In order to improve the intensity and service ...weiterlesen

Helical+Worm Gear Speed Reducer

Design conception: combination of standardization and modularization to be compatible with international leading brands. With characteristic of rigid structure and compact body. Low noise: gathering the advantage of helical gear high efficiency and worm gear smooth transmission, the transmission is ...weiterlesen

Shaft Mount Gear Reducer

Product configurations: Torque-Arm and Screw Conveyor (quickly/easily exchangeable). Performance capability: appliances through 300HP. Accessories package: backstops, bushings, torque arms, drive shafts, and adapters. 4.Rugged cast-iron and ductile iron housing. High efficiency helical gear designed, ...weiterlesen

Gear Motor

Our Gear Motor is with the following features: - Compact Size - Foot Mounting and Flange Mounting - With Motor - Extend Shaft without Motor - With Motor Flange - One year limited warranty.weiterlesen

Hollow Shaft Speed Reducer

Elegant appearance by powder coated on housing prevents from rusting. The mounting dimension is compatible with Italian gearboxes. Aluminum alloy die-cast gearbox with light weight advantage. Highly accuracy. Forward and backward transmitting available. Stable transmission with reduced vibration and ...weiterlesen

Worm Gear Speed Reducer

It has the following features: * NEMA and IEC standards * Ratio from 5:1 upto 3,600:1 * 1/4 HP to 300 HP * High quality double lips oil seals * Heat treated and ground shafts * Ground worm thread * Stepped shafts * Alloy bronze wheel * Rugged cast iron gear case & bearing housing * Tapered ...weiterlesen

Screw Jack

Various applications - Screw Jack Reducer is widely used in various industries such as in Mechanical,Metallurgical,Architectural,Agricultural irrigation,Solar power energy,and etd. Installation flexibility - Screw Jack Reducer has adjustable installation by moving upward, moving downward, auxiliary ...weiterlesen

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