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Dalekovod Proizvodnja

Logo Dalekovod Proizvodnja
Thema: Kroatien Gemeinschaftsstand
Partner bei
Croatian Chamber of Economy


Dalekovod Proizvodnja d.o.o.

Ulica Trnoscica 17
10370 Dugo Selo
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Fax: +385 1 6221199


Anzahl Mitarbeiter
501-1.000 (Stand: 2015)

zwischen 50 Mio und 100 Mio USD (Stand: 2015)


Low Voltage Network Equipment

Equipment for low-voltage networks 10kV, 20kV and 35kV represents standard design certification for suspension sets, tension and tapping-off sets and accompanying jointing equipment. The manufactured equipment comprises high quality materials that require the needed strength in cool conditions, and are ...weiterlesen


Jointing equipment for substations and switchyards includes: - connectors - carriers - connectors - cable racks - apparatus rivets - tube busbars - spacers for bundled conductors - caps and caps with anti-coronial rings for tube busbars Materials, shape, cross-section and type of anti-corrosion protection ...weiterlesen

Transmission lines

For the past 60 years Dalekovod Proizvodnja d.o.o., as part of Dalekovod d.d. Zagreb, has been designing, constructing and installing transmission lines of all voltage levels (10, 20, 35, 110, 220, 440 kV up to 1000 kV). It is possible to construct towers with appropriate additional equipment for overhead ...weiterlesen

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