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Dotech Inc.

6f, Joongang Ilbo Bldg
Dongsan-ro 30
15434 Ansan-si
Korea, Republik
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Herr Jimmy Lim
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-.Temperature, humidity and dew point temperature transmitter with an economic price · Compact probe type · Wide measurement range: 0 ~ 100%RH, -40 ~ 80°C · Easy connection through a detachable screw type probe cable · Different types of outputs such as voltage, current and digital · Easy maintenance ...weiterlesen


Integral & flush type transmitter Application of high resolution graphic LCD Capacitive touch button Displays four measured values (Diff. press, temp. humidity and dew point temp.) at once Display function of trend data graph 2 digital alarm outputs 3 analog (4~20m A) outputs RS485 Modbus RTU communication Front ...weiterlesen


High pressure protection, Low pressure protection, Oil pressure protection, an integrated high pressure fan control Automatic / Manual reset, Selection of various refrigerants Precise pressure control, Sensor offset, Sensor error detectionweiterlesen


DPX200 integrates the functions of high and low pressure switches and gauges. It measures the low pressure of suction and the high pressure of discharge of compressor and outputs the warning signals when the high or low pressure is out of range.weiterlesen


DPX100 is a digital pressure switch with functions of several pressure switch and gauges. It measures the low pressure of suction or the high pressure of discharge of compressor and controls the pressure within predetermined ranges.weiterlesen


HUMITRON® HTX73 series is an economical model for the general climate controlling environment and makes it possible to measure the exact temperature and humidity. Also, HTX73 series can maintain long-term durability in the circumstance where is dusty and occurs constant air flow by applying stainless ...weiterlesen

FX3D Multi Digital Controller

The FX3D Multi Digital Controller has the following main functions: - Heating/cooling output, independent timer output, high/low alarm output - Defrost output, precise temperature control, sensor correction, sensor error detection - Data backup, min. on/off maintaining time setup, RS485 communication ...weiterlesen

DX330 for air compressor

- Reducing the energy costs using VSD (Variable Speed Drive) Using inverter, the revolution of motor can be freely set up by either a microprocessor or users, so it is possible to start and stop flexibly. Also, it has users reduce energy cost by getting efficient and economic operation cost comparing ...weiterlesen

Refrigeration/AHU (FX32K)

The FX32K for Defrost factor Controller has the following main functions: - Efficient defrosting in geothermy heat pump system - Defrosting execution by measuring of ambient humidity and temperature Input & Output: - Relay output : 2 point, - Digital input : 1 point - Temp. sensor input : 2(3) point, ...weiterlesen

Sensors and Transmitters (HTD500 series)

HTD500 series is an ultra-precise temperature & humidity transmitter for environmental measuring which integrates micro processor with a digital sensor based on MEMS technology. It makes precise control and efficient observation possible by transmitting measured temperature and humidity information to ...weiterlesen

Industrial htx temperature / humidity transmitter for modbus

rtu/ascii-based communication environment, differential interface Compact slim size - Error display - Differential power input (DC9V~DC24V) - RS485, Modbus protocol / - IP65 Housing - Precise control (temperature +/- 0.3°...humidity +/-1.8%RH ) - Digital correction / - Display / - Dew-point - 4 to 20 ...weiterlesen

Fx-multipurpose temperature controller

Easy to use, reliable and reasonably priced - Compact electronic control based on microprocessor - Relay output (1 to 4) according to model (manually control each model) - Precise temperature control - Differential sensing function - AC100~240VAC (50/60Hz) free voltage - International standard protocols ...weiterlesen


suitable for refrigeration, air handling units, air compressor and booster pumps - Screw compressor : DX200, DX220, DX240, DX270 - Multi rack: DX260 - Geothermy Heat pump: DX230H, DX200H, DX220H - Recipro / Scroll : DX230 - HVAC : DX100, DX120, DX140 - Air compressor : DX320, DX330, DX350, DX380 - Booster ...weiterlesen

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