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EPE Italiana

Seit 1975 Spezialist für Hochdruckspeicher

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EPE Italiana S.r.l.

Viale Spagna 112
20093 Cologno Monzese
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Frau Linda Pollon
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11-50 (Stand: 2017)

zwischen 1 Mio und 10 Mio EUR (Stand: 2016)


accumulator stations

EPE Italiana has in its range complete stations with bladder accumulators and connection manifold or accumulator stations with piston accumulator and additional bottles 50 lt. or 75 lt. with one or more devices for the control of the piston position (linear transducer, ultrasonic sensor, magnetic system ...weiterlesen

accessories for hydropneumatic accumulators

Valves and safety blocks are used for isolate, discharge the accumulators and keep them in safety conditions through a relief valve oil side or gas side certified CE/PED. Spare bladders: EPE Italiana bladders are interchangeable with all the accumulators' brands and are suitable for different type of ...weiterlesen

Hydropneumatic Diaphragm Accumulators

EPE Italiana WELDED diaphragm accumulators are made off a body manufactured with high strenght alloy steel and welded with electron-beam. The internal diaphragm, that divides the gas side from the fluid side, is available in two compounds: NBR and ECO. The welded type diaphragm accumulator cannot be ...weiterlesen

Hydropneumatic Piston Accumulators

EPE Italiana PISTON accumulators are made off a pipe closed at the ends by two screwed caps. Inside the pipe slides with perfect seal a piston normally in aluminium. The separation from gas and fluid is made through seals with special drawing and in different materials according to the working conditions. ...weiterlesen

Hydropneumatic Bladder Accumulators

EPE Italiana BLADDER accumulators are normally made off a forged body with the end caps semi-closed where are fixed the gas and fluid valves. Inside the body fixed to the gas valve there is a chamber with airtight seal that can be of different material according to the liquid used and working conditions. ...weiterlesen

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