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Colex Adhesive Sealant Tape

The technical self-adhesive foam tape designed for diversified industrial usage, protected application and the production as the development for foam packaging. Colex Adhesive Sealant Tape is made of high-quality Foam material, offering the quick and easy way to insulate pipes, fittings and as joint ...weiterlesen

COLEX Insulation Sheets

We provide closed cell PE foam insulation material of Colex Insulation Sheets that is suitable for industrial use to have the control on heat and temperature. COLEX Insulation sheets is made from polyethylene, cross-linkage agent and foaming agent in high temperature and pressure. The foam structure ...weiterlesen

COLEX Insulation Sleeves

High quality polyethylene and 100% closed cell foam, our Colex foam pipe insulation is excellent for any kind of industrial use even in extreme low temperature. COLEX PE foam insulation sleeve is created by cross-linkage and foaming agent through high-temperature and high-pressure. The development of ...weiterlesen

Electronic Descaler

A new development and environment-friendly production of Electronic Descaler, has obtained CE marking and can remove scale and rust from system efficiently. The electronic descaler utilizes special processing technology to effectively suck metal oxide in the system to the cathode net and decrease the ...weiterlesen

EVA foam Tape

Our EVA self-adhesive foam tape is the type of closed cell foam, which provides the different applications to protect and improve the industrial demand. Colex EVA self-adhesive sealant tape provides facile and multiple applications, such as sectional water tanks assemblies, die cut gaskets, fittings ...weiterlesen

Florex Pipe Support

The brand new design and unique invention of Florex polyethylene foam pipe support is 100% closed cell foam structure to have good effect on vibration damping. In general, pipelines with temperature lower or higher than room temperature requires insulation, such as chilling water pipelines (0°C~10°C), ...weiterlesen

PE Foam Filler

Our PE foam filler is polyethylene closed cell foam with flexibility, which can easily fit to different corrugated types and render the control on temperature. COLEX insulation filler is made from polyethylene foam, each micro foam cell is chemically bonded to form a tightly closed structure; therefore, ...weiterlesen

PE Foam Tape

Colex Self- Adhesive Sealant Tape is made of high-quality Polyethylene closed cell foam, offering the quick and easy way to insulate pipes, fittings and the conjunction of Insulation sleeves. This closed cell foam structure will not absorb moisture inside, which is able to control the condensation from ...weiterlesen

Thermal Pad

THERMAL PAD, polyethylene base laminated with aluminum foil, is a good insulation product for heat and moisture isolation. The convenient, functional and easy application makes THERMAL PAD be useful and efficient to isolate snow, dirt, heat and moisture from ground. Take a THERMAL PAD on hand whenever ...weiterlesen

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