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Foshan City Shunde District

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Foshan City Shunde District
Sheng Ye Electrical Co.,Ltd.

No. 4 Xinxi 4th Road North
Lunjiao Town, Shunde District
528309 Foshan City
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Frau Shuyi Liang
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
501-1.000 (Stand: 2013)

zwischen 10 Mio und 50 Mio USD (Stand: 2013)


Active power filter

Active filter consists of power electronic components, detects the harmonic of load and then responds appropriate current to compensate, meanwhile the compensation current is almost as sinusoidal wave.weiterlesen


Capacitor will be affected and easily damaged by harmonic current, inrush current and overvoltage in the compensation circuits.Therefore, it is necessary to be in series reactor along with the capacitors. It will restrain some serious harmonic and improve the stability and quality of electrical system ...weiterlesen


The module is a great reform of reactive compensation and filter devices. It also is the mainstream in future market and service concept upgrade. All the parts are accurately calculated, designed, produced and tested. It includes fuse, switch,reactor and capacitor.Comparing with traditional assembling. ...weiterlesen

Intelligent Capacitor

Intelligent Capacitorweiterlesen


PRODUCTS CHARACTER 1 Digital design, human-computer interface using large-screen LCD English liquid crystal display. 2 Real-time display of power factor,voltage,current, reactive power,active power,THD-V,THD-I, frequency, capacity output and ...weiterlesen

Power Capacitor

The H type capacitor is used for large current and capacity occasion. 35mm² cable is available. It is designed of new safe explosion-proof structure, gas impregnated and cordwood structure terminal with sand blasting case. Its characteristic is capable of bearing inrush current. Meanwhile it is the most ...weiterlesen

HF AC filter capacitor - single phase

Mainly used for high-frequency AC filter, in PV Inverter, Wind Power Converter, Inversion Welding Machine, Electrical Locomotive, UPS, EPS, SVG, etc GENERAL TECHNICAL PARAMATER Reference standards: IEC 61071-1991 Dielectric: Metallized PP film Filling material: Inert gas, resin, or silicon oil ...weiterlesen

DC-Link capacitor

power electronic capacitorweiterlesen


Very small dissipation factor, small inherent temperature rise,excellent self-healing stability, safety and high reliability, etc. Application: Run starting in household electric appliances as washing machine, air-conditioner which demand 50-60 Hz AC power supply. Have safe protection construction.weiterlesen


Very small dissipation factor, small inherent temperature rise, excellent self-healing stability, good capacitance stability, safety and high reliability. Application: Used widely in washing machine, water pump and as well household electric appliances. Special requirement can be fulfilled at ...weiterlesen


Low in dssipation,small inherent temperature rise, excellent in self-healing and good capacitance stability.Usage safety and dependable. Application: It is extensive to used for motor that electric fan,take out smoke machine,bread machine,smash paper machine,dishwasher...etc.the electric appliances ...weiterlesen


Polypropylene and Polyene film dielectric with vacuum rvaporated metal electrodes,axial leads of tinned wire are electrical welded to the contact metal layer on the ends of capacitor winding out wrapped with Mylar tape and ends sealed with epoxy resin. Feature: Non-inductive construction Self-healing High ...weiterlesen

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