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NTM SenseH2® Hydrogen Sensor

The NTM SenseH2® hydrogen sensor provides protection against dangerous levels of hydrogen in environments where hydrogen is present, such as fuel cell powered vehicles and fuel cell labs. This ceramic sensor is unique in that it exhibits a highly sensitive, selective, and rapid response to the presence ...weiterlesen

SOFC Button Cell Test System offers an integrated, turnkey solid oxide fuel cell system. Included are the Probostat text fixture and an integrated furnace and test stand. This complete system is a time saver and provides accuracy to your test results. - Automatic hardware shutdown and purge gas for safe, ...weiterlesen

Gadolinium Doped Ceria (10% Gd) Premium Powder (GDC10-HP)

fuelcellmaterial's new Premium Powder line is designed to provide high performance materials with wide processing flexibility. Our GDC10 Premium Powder has been developed with increased surface area, finer average particle size, and a narrower particle size distribution. These characteristics make it ...weiterlesen

YSZ-8 Substrate Buttons (YSZ-Sub)

YSZ (8 mole % yttria) substrates 250-300 microns thick for the development of anode and cathode materials and structures. The YSZ substrate is particularly useful for short-term destructive testing, e.g. impurity/sulfur resistance of anode materials, where low cost is desired, and low performance is ...weiterlesen

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