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Hangzhou Jialong Air Equipment

Logo Hangzhou Jialong Air Equipment


Hangzhou Jialong Air Equipment
Co., Ltd.

No.168 Wuxing Industrial Park
Qiaosi Town, Yuhang District,
311101 Hangzhou
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Fax: +86 571 85365000


Frau Amelie Xia
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Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryer

Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryer 2weiterlesen

Heatless Regenerative Adsorption Dryer

Heatless Regenerative Adsorption Dryerweiterlesen

Blower Purge Regenerative Air Dryer

It employs ambient air for heating, regeneration and cooling of absorption towers, so it can save a lot of dehumidified air compared with micro-heat regenerative adsorption dryer. Technical Indexes Dew point temperature: -20~-40°C Air consumption for regeneration: 1-3 %weiterlesen

Regenerative Adsorption Dryer

Residual Heat (Compressed-heat)weiterlesen

GMF Series Compressed Air Filter

This product can effectively filter and gather hazardous pollutants in compressed air, e.g. oil, water and dust, and ensure that the quality of treated compressed air satisfies service requirements. Product Features - Convenient installation and easily replaced element; - Anti-corrosive filter element ...weiterlesen

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