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Hunan Forhome Composite Materials

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Hunan Forhome Composite Materials
Co., Ltd.

Xinsha Boiler Plant South Section
of West Second Ring Road
410017 Changsha
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11-50 (Stand: 2016)

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Metal Clad Plate

Wear-resistant bi-metal clad metals/abrasion-proof materials/CORC-G plates are plates used under large area abrasive wear conditions. Metals with high hardness and wear-resistance are selected as cladding working face; and metals with impact-resistance and good flexibility are chosen as base metals. ...weiterlesen

Metal Clad Pipe

Metal clad pipe is a new type of wear- resistant and corrosion-resistant pipe. Especially, its excellent wear-resistance and corrosion-resistance and high pressure resistance make metal clad pipe can be used under any pressure class. Inside layer and outer layer bonded very well by explosive welding, ...weiterlesen

Metal Clad Tube Sheet

We provides clad tube sheet (titanium/steel,nickel/steel,stainless steel/steel,copper/steel,etc.) for heat exchanger,boiler,pressure vessel,stean turbine,central air conditioning, tube sheet substitutes single metal tube sheet, not only can meet the working environmental requirement,such ...weiterlesen

Transition Joint for Heat Exchanger

Our bimetallic transition joints are metallurgical bonded dissimilar metal couplings. They are used to provide an all welded transition from one metal to another.We produce copper-titanium and stainless-steel titanium transition joint for heat exchanger.weiterlesen

Cryogenic Transition Joint

We provides transition joints (aluminum-stainless steel) for the cryogenic market, in particular for heat exchanger in gas application. This product allows the connection between 2 pipes, one in aluminum and one in stainless steel, in low temperatures and high pressures use conditions.The minimum tensile ...weiterlesen

Grounding Materials

Forhome's copper-bonded grounding materials are high quality grounding materials available for railway system.We produce copper-bonded grounding materials.weiterlesen

Multilayer Metal Composite Pans

Multilayer Metal Composite Pans have good flatness and surface glossiness.With excellent comprehensive properties of excellent thermal conductivity,bright surface,easy clean,light quality,and heated evenly,composite plates can make multilayer metal non-stick pans and other food process equipments,and ...weiterlesen

Bi-metal Clad Tools

Through explosive bonding,high strength and hardness,high wear-resistant special metals and general steel or stainless steel can be cladded.These composite metals have combined the properties of high hardness and wear-resistance of special metals with the structure property of general steel,so this can ...weiterlesen

Lead-Aluminium Clad Plate

Lead is used as a form of radiation protection to shield people or objects from radiation so as to reduce the effective dose.Lead can be bonded to other structural metals,like steel or aluminium by explosion bonding.This method allows for the use of more structurally sound materials to be used where ...weiterlesen

Ship Structure Transition Joints

Forhome's Structure Transition Joints are commonly used to make a welded and maintenance free connection between alloyed aluminum components and steel structures in the shipbuilding, railway and automotive industry.weiterlesen

Bi-metal Battery Terminals

Aluminum, Copper and Nickel are widely used as current collector, tab or transformer terminals of Lithium-Ion batteries. However, this poses another challenge of connecting dissimilar metal together or to their bussing systems. To solve the problem, we have developed Bi-Metal tabs and terminals for Lithium-Ion ...weiterlesen

Conductive Bar

Our conductive bar high bonding strength and excellent electrical conductivity help to drive down the operating and maintenance costs in metal refining, power industry, chemical plant and other high current systems.weiterlesen

Electrical Transition Joints

Our Electrical Transition Joints high bonding strength and excellent electrical conductivity help to drive down the operating and maintenance costs in metal refining, power industry, chemical plant and other high current systems.weiterlesen

Bi-metal Self-lubricating Clad Plate

Material with high hardness and wear-resistance are selected as working face and material with impact-resistance and good resilience are chosen as base materials. The metal dynamic self-lubricating clad plate is provided with the abrasion resistance and self lubrication capacity with solid lubricant. ...weiterlesen

Rolling Mill Liners

For wear-resistant composite metal materials, metal with high hardness and strong wear-resistance are selected as wear layer; metal with impact-resistance and good flexibility are selected as base layer. These two metals are bonded steadily by dynamic cladding, and they become a new liner material. This ...weiterlesen

Machine Slideways and Wear Parts

Forhome Slideways and Wear Parts extend the life of critical machinery components in high wear applications. They are applied in scrap recycling, waste processing, heavy machinery, roll changing apparatus, coil peeling, and innumerable other demanding wear applications.weiterlesen

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