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IHC Vremac Cylinders

Logo IHC Vremac Cylinders


IHC Vremac Cylinders B.V.

Oude Apeldoornseweg 33J
7333 NS Apeldoorn
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Fax: +31 55 5994521


Wear parts / spares

We can supply you with all the new components needed to overhaul your IHC Vremac cylinder (or other brands). The components are all from first-class (original) manufacturers. We have large quantities of parts in stock, for example: - Seal Kit - Piston - Piston Rod - Cleavis, etc.weiterlesen


Swivels are used in cranes and mobile applications. They transfer the hydraulic oil, gas and/or electricity from the base structure to the rotating frame. The IHC Vremac Cylinders BV design has been tested and proven over the last 25 years in many different kinds of applications and conditions. This ...weiterlesen

Custom made Cylinders

We wil search for and find the solution that fits your equipment. Our specialty is an open mind, creativity and a proactive attitude. With the right questions asked we will find out the best solution. Difficult assignments will activate us more and more. More than 75% of our orders are custom-made ...weiterlesen

Standard Cylinders

Sound engineering has produced an attractive range of standard products. With standard cylinders we mean cylinders with a proven technology. Our production processes are well developed resulting in short delivery times and competitive prices.weiterlesen

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