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Indel Bauru Industria Eletrome

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Indel Bauru Industria
Eletrometalurgica Ltda

2-79 R. Joaquim Marques de Figuciredo
Distr. Indl. 1
17034-290 Bauru SP
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Fax: +55 14 32817070


Herr Alexandre Brustello
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Telefon: +55 14 32817070



Terminal Connectors

The connectors are used by installers to connect cables in several electrical contacts; electrical panels in general, cable splices, etc. Looking to provide improvements to the market, Indel Bauru developed the Terminal Connector Bimetallic Scale Pin and Torquimetric Pin for utilization in cables and ...weiterlesen

Fuse Links

The Fuse Links are essential parts of a distribution system of electricity, impeding the occurrence of short-circuit and over-current that can cause serious damage to the power grid. The Indel Bauru can produce the following types: H, K, T, EF HXO e HYO, STD, IS, DI, QI and Open Link. In according to ...weiterlesen

Cut Out Fuse

When INDEL BAURU, developed its Polymer Cut-out Fuse with silicone rubber, it was concerned in not using cement in its setting hardware, opting in using a fiberglass core with inserts in brass and stainless steel, this way guaranteeing a longer life to the traditional one.weiterlesen

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