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International Capacitors

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International Capacitors S.A.

c/. Vallès 32
Pol.Ind. Can Bernades
08130 Santa Perpètua de la Mogoda
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Fax: +34 93 5448433


Herr Engineer Quim Jiménez
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LV Automatic capacitor banks

Lifasa offers an extensive choice of automatic capacitor banks, supplied completely assembled and ready for use. Wide range of power from 5 to 900 kvar 400V in standard equipments for immediate delivery. On request customized banks can also be produced. Also available with harmonic protection filters ...weiterlesen

Power electronics capacitors

Capacitors that appears in this chapter are specially designed for applications where are necessary some capacities with many power electronics components. Switching circuits, absorption circuits, low voltage special filters, continuous input systems, etc... In general any application that needs ...weiterlesen


LIFASA capacitors are produced with the more advanced and modern techniques, result of a wide know-how in reactive fields as well as very strict testing and D+I+i. Our wide expertise on installations along many years, allows us to develop new designs and features necessary for the optimal service ...weiterlesen

High Voltage

Single capacitors and Automatic or fixed capacitor banks for voltages superior at 1000V with a wide power range, from low reactive power rate in a single or 3 phase units ; to high reactive power rates for high voltage networks all around the world. Our own production is a result of our know-how and ...weiterlesen

Controllers & Analyzers

The network analyzer MCA Plus is an instrument that measures, calculates and shows the main electrical parameters in industrial 3 phases networks (either well-balanced or non-well balanced). Reactive energy controllers MCE and MCX are designed for measuring the needs of reactive power in an installation ...weiterlesen

LV Power Capacitor - POLIMET (Tubular) series

Self-healing capacitors with low losses metallized polypropylene dielectric without liquid impregnants. They have an overpressure disconnection system that disconnects the capacitor in case of any internal failure. Capacitors in cylindrical aluminium cans, provided with a M12 stud for fixing and earthling. ...weiterlesen

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