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Invest in Southeast Finland

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Invest in Southeast Finland

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Herr Harri Eela
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Southeast Finland offers excellent investment opportunities in following areas: Bio economy, Digitalization, Logistics, Travel. Location between East and West: Helsinki area within 1 hour drive, St. Petersburg within 2,5 hour drive. Excellent train connections, airport and Finland's leading export / ...weiterlesen

Bioeconomy and Cleantech

Southeast Finland is the marketplace with green opportunities - and it is a great home for big and small companies. Southeast Finland boasts the densest forest industry hub in Europe, significant investments are made by the strong industries, such as the forest- and bio industries. There are the worlds ...weiterlesen


Southeast Finland offers excellent investment and business opportunities in the following sectors: Bio economy, Digitalization, Logistics and Tourism. Location between East and West offers you a market of 10 million people, St. Petersburg for example is within 2,5 hours drive. Excellent train connections, ...weiterlesen

Tourism and Well-being

Tourism and Well-beingweiterlesen

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