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Switchgear MV cables connection

With the help of this products customer can easily connect the existing switchgear installed to the brand new installation.weiterlesen


Adjustable power resistors and coils

The RVN power resistor is a passive burden element of purely resistive nature. The resistor is of single-pole design, and is delivered together with its basic distribution board and jumpers. The LVN power reactive coil is a passive power burden of purely inductive nature. The coil is delivered in single-pole ...weiterlesen

Earthing switch with make proof ability

The indoor design QZR type earthing switches feature switching devices that are highly unassuming in terms of maintenance and serve for the earthing of MV circuits taking advantage of the making proof ability.weiterlesen

Outdoor traction disconnectors

This type of disconnector is used for the switching of public transport traction lines, switching of power lines in open pit mines, and the traction systems of railway sidings and industrial tracks. The EQAV types are equipped with an earthing switch.weiterlesen

Encapsulated 110kV cable bushing and connection

The cable bushing end connection for 110 kV transformers, type Z 123.OS; Z 123-T; Z 123.OS-A and Z 123.T-A, is a single-pole encapsulated electrical device for voltage level of 123 kV, insulated by the SF6 gas, which provides for the interconnection between HV cables and the power transformers. The ...weiterlesen

Testing of electrotechnical devices and installations

HV, MV, LV type testing, development testing as per IEC or other standards.weiterlesen

Outdoor load break switch

Switching device intended for use in overhead MV distribution lines up to 38kV, breaking up to rated current 630A.weiterlesen

Indoor load break switch

Indoor switching devices for load breaking medium voltage 25kV up to rated current 630A. Intended for use in cubicles or MV swicthgear.weiterlesen

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