HANNOVER MESSE 2018, 23. - 27. April


Halle 25, Stand C26


Regal Beloit Spain S.A.

Ernio Bidea S/N
20159 Zizurkil
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
51-100 (Stand: 2017)


IXILFLEX Flexibe coupling

IXILFLEX is a link type coupling which absorbs misalignment through bushes linked to alternate flanges. These bushes are produced through the vulcanization of rubber to metal parts under high precompression. Main advantages: - High misalignment capability: absorb higher axial and radial misalignment ...weiterlesen

Hydraulic Shrink Couplings JHC/JHC-HF

The Jaure JHC Hydraulic Shrink coupling uses the same principle of the oil injection method, with the advantage that it is equipped with a built-in device for an easier installation and removal of the hub on the shaft. Main advantages: - Its simplicity for mounting and dismounting. It can be done without ...weiterlesen

Lamidisc Steel Disc coupling

Lamidisc is a torsionally stiff coupling with no need for greasing, This fact reduces downtime for maintenance. Besides it is backlash free, which makes it optimal for certain applications such as pulp and paper, pumps, marine, cooling towers, etc. The disc pack is the flexible element, composed of ...weiterlesen

Crowned tooth gear couplings-Type MT

Main Advantages: - JAURE MT gear couplings offer maximum torque capacity. This is due to the optimum pitch diameter of the gears, providing reliability. - High permissible hub bore allows more favorable size selection of the coupling for a certain shaft diameter. This offers an important economic saving. - ...weiterlesen

Barrel coupling TCB / TCB-HD

The barrel coupling consists of a sleeve provided with semicircular toothing around its internal diameter and a hub that is externally toothed in a similar way. A series of cylindrical barrels, of hardened steel, are inserted in the holes formed by this toothing to act as power transmission elements. Covers ...weiterlesen

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