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Jiangmen Kin Tat Rubber

Logo Jiangmen Kin Tat Rubber


Jiangmen Kin Tat Rubber
Manufactory Ltd.

Ma Shan Industrial Zone
Waihai Town, Jianghai District
529000 Jiangmen
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Fax: +86 750 3800800


Herr Tamcol Lee
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Telefon: +852 2798 8941
Fax: +852 2798 8050




Cold runner system

Reduce material usageweiterlesen

Rapid prototypes of rubber parts

If you need rapid prototypes of gaskets, seals or rubber parts etc. to test your concepts before large scale production, KINTAT has the resources to offer quick turn, small volume prototypes. Combined with our Engineering Assistance, you can receive working prototypes based on your design files quickly ...weiterlesen

Compression Mold

Compression Mold with the following features: 1. Economic mold cost. 2. Less material waste. 3. Often better for large parts.weiterlesen

Liquid Injection Mold

Liquid Injection Mold with the following features: 1. Maximum product consistency. 2. Excellent flash control. 3. Short cycle time.weiterlesen

Rubber parts 4

Automobile products. All parts used in automobile are accurate to the standard and the materials required for water resistant and can be used in various way.weiterlesen

Rubber part 3

Rubber tubes. Our products can offer guaratee and confidence to our end users.weiterlesen

Medical part 2

Medical & Healthcare products. Bladder, o-ring and seal for medical appliance.weiterlesen

Automotive Rubber Parts 1

These are used in o-ring, gromment, gasket, oil, seal, cushion.weiterlesen

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