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Jiashan Kintowe Engineering

Logo Jiashan Kintowe Engineering
Halle 23, Stand B39
Thema: CMEC Pavilion
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Jiashan Kintowe Engineering
Plastic Co. Ltd.

No.28 Taofen Road, Taozhuang Town,
Jiashan County,
314105 Jiaxing
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Fax: +86 574 84866511


Frau Yajing Zhu
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Telefon: +86 573 84860568
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
51-100 (Stand: 2015)

zwischen 1 Mio und 10 Mio USD (Stand: 2015)


Hydraulic Seal Series

On the basis of experiences of production and processing of modified PTFE products by more than 20 years accumulation, combing the sealing characteristics and requirements of current hydraulic system, our company has developed a variety of sealing components for hydraulic system, such as all kinds of ...weiterlesen

DF Series Modified Semi-finished PTFE

With 20 years history in producing modified PTFE products, Kintowe Company has accumulated rich experience in production, and developed semi-finished mounding products of modified PTFE in various formulas, such as tube materials, pipe materials and rod materials used as sealing parts. We can also produce ...weiterlesen

DF-104 Modified Fluorinated Polymer

DF-104 is made from PTFE plus lubricants and wear-resistant material. With the quality of excellent wear-resistance, self-lubricating performance, and fabulous physical properties. It is widely used in various industries. Nowadays, it has been widely used in manufacturing bushings, bearings, bearing ...weiterlesen

DF-103 Modified Fluorinated Polymer

With high filling content of metallic and inorganic materials,DF-103 has good thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, good rigidity, stable dimension , and wear resistance properties. It can work oil-free or boundary lubrication condition with shock-absorbing and anti-grinding characteristics. ...weiterlesen

DF-101 Fluoroplastic

DF-101 has excellent electrical and non-adhesive properties,high chemical stability, and temperature resistance (from -250° to +260° ). Due to its high elasticity, DF-101 has a good sealing performance.weiterlesen

DFG Fluorocarbon Guidance Tape

Due to its excellent low friction, corrosion resistant, and thermal stability, PTFE is widely used in friction parts and obturators;Especially it can be used in corrosive mediums, and no other metallic or nonmetallic material can. It even have higher load capacity, thermo mechanical stability, wear ...weiterlesen

PFC-3 High-strength Phenolic Resin

PFC-3 is a kind of composite material of high strength, taking thermosetting, linear phenolic as basic materials, and taking high quality and strength polyester fiber fabric as strengthening material. It is composed by advanced technology under the certain temperature and pressure. So it gets some ...weiterlesen

PFC-2 High-strength Phenolic Resin

PFC-2 is high-strength laminated material is made of solute phenolic resin containing homogenously dispersed graphite and high-quality cotton fiber and finally finished with heat solidifying process under certain pressure and temperature. This material is featured in its high mechanical strength, ...weiterlesen

PFC-1 High-strength Phenolic Resin

PFC-1 is high-strength laminated material based upon the thermosetting phenolic resin and reinforced with high-quality cotton fiber and finally finished with heat solidifyingprocess under certain pressure and temperature. This material is featured in its high load capacity, excellent temperature ...weiterlesen

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