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Jijia Green Building Technology

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Thema: China Gemeinschaftsstand - LNME
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Jijia Green Building Technology
Co., Ltd.

No. 302 Qianshan Road,
Qianshan District
114051 Anshan
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Fax: +86 412 2576611


Herr Xinyu Ouyang
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Telefon: +86 412 2598139
Fax: +86 412 2576611




Anzahl Mitarbeiter
101-250 (Stand: 2016)

zwischen 1 Mio und 10 Mio EUR (Stand: 2016)


Intelligent Perfusion Machine

The machine is the first continuous energy saving construction equipment with automation, intelligent and multi-formula functions in China. We own the whole independent intellectual property rights. And the machines can be used to solve the problems caused by continuous construction with lightweight ...weiterlesen

Cast-in-situ Insulation Composite Wall

Cast-in-situ lightweight insulation composite wall is developed by Jijia Green Building Technology Co., Ltd. Cast-in-situ lightweight insulation composite wall is a one-time molded auto thermal insulation composite wall made with chemistry foaming technical, which needs to use intelligent perfusion machine ...weiterlesen

Foamed Concrete Insulation Board

Foamed concrete insulation board is a non-inflammable insulation board made with foaming technology by using tailing miner power, cement and compound additives. It is fire resistance, light weight and thermal insulation with mass close cells. Suitable for thermal insulation in external wall and fire-proof ...weiterlesen

Sandwich-Structure Composite Plate

Sandwich composite plate is formed from two layers of cement bonded to a foam concrete core in a continuous process under controlled pressure, heat and tension. It has two protrude slots in both sides. When install the panel, we only need to erect the panel, paint protrude slots with filleting mortar, ...weiterlesen

Fabricated Energy Saving Houses

Fabricated energy saving houses is researched and developed by Jijia Green Building Technology Co., Ltd. We own the unique architectural form with whole independent intellectual property rights. Based on the irregular thin-walled light steel structure, we assemble it with rivet joint on site. The light ...weiterlesen

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