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Kaizen Switchgear Products

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Kaizen Switchgear Products

1414 G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
Vadodara 391760
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Fax: +91 265 3043220


Herr V Arvind
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Telefon: +91 8980811744
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
101-250 (Stand: 2016)


SMC/DMC components

Products such as Insulators, monoblocks, Vacuum Interruptor housings used typically for on load tap changer, low and medium voltage switchgear, bus ducts and transformer applications. The SMC/DMC components consist of un-saturated polyester resin matrix with glass filled reinforcement characterized ...weiterlesen

Impregnated and Encapsulated coils

The Coils are bobbin wound with copper wire for various application like Hydraulic/Pneumatic direction control valves, contactor coils for circuit breakers etc. Automatic coil winding machines are used to achieve consistent quality of winding and high precision wire tensioners for maintaining the requisite ...weiterlesen

Epoxy Resin Cast Instrument Transformers

For indoor and outdoor application up to 36 kV system voltage Low / Medium Voltage Current & Voltage Transformers are designed & manufactured according to own design as well as customers drawings for measuring, metering, and/or protective purposes. The low voltage CTs are Tape wound as well as resin ...weiterlesen

Stand off Insulators / Bus bar support Insulators

The components are made in Epoxy resin typically in Switchgear,transformer Industry where the Insulators are used as insulating supports for electric equipment, bus bars or fuses. Latest state of the art Automatic Pressure gelation technique is adapted with multi-cavity tools made with precision machining ...weiterlesen

Epoxy Resin Cast Bushings & Housings

The components are made in Epoxy resin typically for use in low voltage & medium voltage Switchgears, Breakers, Control panels, Transformers, Busducts etc. The resin cast Bushings are manufactured as per customers' drawings & specifications to suit various requirements in range of 3.3 kV to 66 kV system ...weiterlesen

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