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Kaori Heat Treatment

Logo Kaori Heat Treatment


Kaori Heat Treatment Co., Ltd.

No. 5-2 Chi-Lin North Road
Chung-Li District,
32062 Taoyuan City
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Fax: +886 3 4628021


Herr Alain Chu
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Telefon: +886 980 881191
Fax: +886 3 4628021


D Series

In prevention of two different kinds of fluid from intermixing caused by internal leakage, Kaori precisely designed the D070 solution with the double-stacked plates, to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination. The unique air gap is created between the two plates. Once the internal leakage occurs, ...weiterlesen

Q Series

Q Series is specially designed for outstanding oil cooling. The compact Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger is excellent for both new design integration and shell and tube replacement applications. Q Series sets that increase cooling performance and significantly reduce downtime. Save time and money for the ...weiterlesen

A Series

A series is the innovative design for air dryer. Combining precooler, evaporator and separator, it provides compact size and high thermal transfer performance. The patented design separator can perfectly dehumidify compressed air and eliminate the need for a filter to avoid clogging problem.weiterlesen

H Series

H series is made of high temperature resistant material, the max. working temperature is up to 900°C, which is perfectly suitable to serve as gas heating or cooling heat exchanger in the clean energy technology- Fuel Cell and waste heat recovery system.weiterlesen

Z Series

The newly innovative Z series is designed with a diagonal flow pattern, providing higher efficiency to replace other traditional shell and tube, double tube or multi-tube heat exchangers in various applications. The advantage of Z series dual circuit is providing the best performance in both full load ...weiterlesen

Natural Gas Fuel Cell Generator

Kaori is devoted to develop products for the fuel cell market, and is currently focusing on fuel processor products. Kaori has established a Fuel Processor Laboratory to develop kW class fuel processor using natural gas as fuel. Our developmental efforts include fuel processor design, manufacturing, ...weiterlesen

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