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Korea Coupling

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Halle 20, Stand E17
Thema: Korea Gemeinschaftsstand - KOTRA
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Korea Trade-Investment


Korea Coupling Co., Ltd.

Songmaro, Daegod-Myeon 91-22
10027 Gimpo-Si
Korea, Republik
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Fax: +82 31 9811928




Anzahl Mitarbeiter
11-50 (Stand: 2011)


Omega Coupling

KCP Omega Standard Couplings with Straight Bore Hubs. - SPLIT-IN-HALF FLEX ELEMENT Allows disassembly and replacement without disturbing hubs or connected equipment. - REVERSIBLE HUBS Accommodates different shaft spacing requirments, and allows compression bushings to be installed from either side ...weiterlesen

Flexible Disc Couplings

Flexible Disc Couplings specifications include: - common surface for coupling pilot, alignment and field rebore - unique jacking bolt feature for removing center assembly - factory assembled center member - oversize bore capacity - non-metallic buffer ring - self-licking, flanged hex head capscrews -piloted ...weiterlesen

Disc Coupling

1. No lubrication 2. No Maintenance necessary 3. Simple design, light weight and high torque 4. No backlash and high torsional stiffness 5. High performance 6. Easy to mount and dismount 7. Safety measures; if coupling damaged, the rotation will be continued through bolts.weiterlesen

Gear Coupling

1. High torque, small size, long life and very little loss of transmitting power. 2. The concave-convex flange design allows easy assembly and high quality gasket prevent leakage of lubricant. 3. Gear coupling permits parallel, angular misalignment and end floating by crown gear teeth. 4. It made of ...weiterlesen

Grid Coupling

1. When overload occurs, grid breaks and prevents breaking shaft or machinery parts contented. 2. When the parallel misalignment is too severe, the relating machine is protected by the virtue of shearing Grid on Tooth. 3. The life of parts(Mechanical Seal and Bearing, etc) can be extended as twice or ...weiterlesen

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