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Korea Electric Power

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Thema: Korea Gemeinschaftsstand - KEPCO
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Korea Electric Power Corporation

Jeollyeok-ro 55
58217 Naju-si
Korea, Republik
Fax: +82 2 8480013


Power Generation

To meet the Korean demand for electricity, KEPCO and its subsidiaries reliably and efficiently operate 60,269MW facilities. Through the experience of establishing and running those facilities, we have developed our own technologies as well as accumulated extensive knowledge which can be readily tailored ...weiterlesen

Power IT

KEOCO's communication system is involved in all parts of the electric power system, such as transmission, substation and distribution systems. The Power IT system is not only the solution of electric power network management automation and teleprotection but also the most reliable nationwide communication ...weiterlesen


KEPCO's nationwide multi-loop transmission grid transports electric power with high reliability. Monitoring and controlling systems ensure the safety of underground transmission lines in urban areas and KEPCO applies its extensive experience and technology for maximum operational efficiency. Aging and ...weiterlesen


KEPCO has highly credible power distribution systems which ensure stable power supply. In 2007, the rate of power loss in distribution was reduced to 3.99% while the observance rate of power voltage requirements remained at 99.9%. These figures prove KEPCO's outstanding capabilities in distribution network ...weiterlesen

Electricity Sales

There are 190 regional and local branch offices of KEPCO, each with jurisdiction over a business area that is divided based on the government's demarcation of provincial districts. At each branch, a mobile service fleet is operated to serve customers on-site. In addition, KEPCO operates 62 service centers ...weiterlesen

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