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MPM4700 Intelligent Level Transmitter

Product introduction MPM4700 level transmitter is the full stainless steel construction and full-sealed submersible intelligent level transmitter with high accuracy. It uses highly reliable and stable pressure sensor, intelligent processing circuit, precise digital temperature compensation and linearity ...weiterlesen

MPM426W Submersible Level Transmitters

Product introduction MPM426W level transmitter uses high performance pressure sensor as sensing element, which could measure liquid static pressure that is positive proportional to level depth precisely, and transform pressure signal into standard current/voltage signal output by amplifier circuit to ...weiterlesen

MPM4730 Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

MPM4730 pressure transmitter is the highly accurate and stable intelligent pressure transmitter. It uses digital temperature compensation,non-linearity correction technics and the most advanced transmitter production technique, the whole product has compact size, high accuracy, light weight and wider ...weiterlesen

MPM489 Pressure Transmitter

Product introduction MPM489 product is piezo-resistive pressure transmitter with zero and span adjustable. It uses high stable and reliable pressure sensor and special circuit board to produce transmitter, and performance is good and reliable. MPM489 pressure transmitter is used for measure and control ...weiterlesen

MPM480 Pressure Transmitter

MPM480 pressure transmitter uses piezoresistive OEM pressure sensor with isolated stainless steel diaphragm as signal sensing element, through automatic testing, laser trimming compensating zero and sensitivity in wider temperature range; the amplifier circuit is in stainless steel housing, transforming ...weiterlesen

MDM291 Differential Pressure Transducer

Product introduction MDM291 piezoresistive differential pressure transducer is an OEM differential pressure measure element using stainless steel isolated diaphragm, all welding construction and having no O-rings. It has unified construction, higher static pressure, good stability and reliablity. The ...weiterlesen

MDM290 OEM Differential Pressure Sensors

Product introduction MDM290 piezoresistive differential pressure sensor is OEM differential pressure sensor with stainless steel isolated diaphragm. It has integrated construction, high static pressure, high stablity and good reliablity. The high and low pressure sides are protected by isolated diaphragm. ...weiterlesen

MPM283 Compact Pressure Sensor

Product introduction MPM283 piezoresistive pressure sensor is OEM pressure sensor with stainless steel isolated diaphragm, the whole product has integrated construction, high endurance, high stability and good reliability , it can be used specially for middle and high pressure measurement. The sensor ...weiterlesen

MPM281 OEM Pressure Sensor

Product introduction Features Pressure range 7kPa...70MPa Gauge, absolute, sealed gauge Constant current power supply Isolated construction, enable to measure various media 19mm standard OEM pressure sensor Full stainless steel 316L Wider temperature compensation -10~+80 C Long-term stability 0.1%FS/year ...weiterlesen

MPM280 General Pressure Sensor

Product introduction For MPM280 General Version Pressure Sensor, the outline, installation dimension and sealing method are strongly interchangeable. It is widely used for measuring pressure which is compatible with stainless steel and Viton. Features: Pressure range 0~20kPa...35MPa 19mm diameter OEM ...weiterlesen

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