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Thema: Italien Gemeinschaftsstand - CEIP
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Mista S.p.A

Via Roma 79/a
14040 Cortiglione
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Fax: +39 0141 766850


Herr Ing. Luigi Costa
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Telefon: +39 0141 766 802
Fax: +39 0141 766 850
Frau Linda Negro
Marketing u. Vertriebsmanager
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Fax: +39 014 17 668 50
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MST Tunisia
Menzel Bouzelfa



Heat&Cool bimaterial aestetical molding

Mista is performing proto trials to replace high aestethical painted parts with overmolded bimaterial components. The solution allows to save cost and reduce scraps.weiterlesen


MuCell application

Mista is performing proto parts with MuCell technology, consisting in inflating gas in the mold together with the thermoplastic raw material. The technology has following advantages: - cycle time reduction (5% to 30%, depending on the part shape) - weight reduction (5% to 30%, depending on the part shape) - ...weiterlesen

Electric contacts

Blanked electric contacts with welded or riveted silver pads, threaded and deep shaped contacts.weiterlesen

Housing for power electronics

We produce insert-molded components.weiterlesen

HVAC blower switch

We produce electromechanical assembled components.weiterlesen

cruise control stalk

We produce technical thermoplastic parts.weiterlesen

Dash trim

Aesthetic parts: pad printing, painting & laser marking (night design) Injection molded thermoplastic components with esthetic requirementsweiterlesen

IML high aestethical components

Mista developed and manufactured IML/IMD (in-mould decorated) parts for automotive and consumer goods. A thermoformed film can be overmolded under/above or between two different thermoplastic materials, in order to achieve a very high aestethical performance. The part has to be painted with UV/antiscratch ...weiterlesen

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