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Open R&D Lietuva:
- ist offenes Wissenschafts-und Innovationsnetz Litauen, das Anstalten vereinigt, die die Ergebnisse der wissenschaftlichen Forschungen und der experimentellen Entwicklung generieren und damit verbundene Dienstleistungen erbringen;
- ist Laboratorien, ausgestattet mit den modernsten Einrichtungen und der fortschrittlichsten Technologien;
- ist die Infrastruktur von höchster Qualität sowie Fachleute, die die höchste Qualifikation haben.

Die Partnerschaft kann nutzen bringen, falls:
1.Experimente, Analysen beziehungsweise verschiedene Messeungen nötig sind;
2.Sie ein Prototyp erzeugen lassen wollen;
3.Technologie entwickelt beziehungsweise bestehende Technologie vervollkomnet werden muss;
4.Sie professionelle Beratung in Fragen der wissenschaftlichen Forschungen, der Technologien und der Implementierung der Innovationen brauchen.

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Non-destructive analysis of construction

Multi-channel data acquisition and analysis system for recording, storing and analyzing of mechanical vibrations, acoustical vibrations and other digital and analog electrical signalsweiterlesen

Destructive analysis of constructions

1. Determination of static and dynamic properties of materials, chemical and micro composition of steels 2. Investigations of deformations and eigen-frequencies of constructionsweiterlesen

Fuel property research

Research of solid and liquid fuel elemental composition (C, H, S, N, O), Calorific value of fuel. Cold fuel characteristics (flash point, pour point, filtration temperature), cetane number, lubricity properties, oxidative stability, water content in the fuel and moisture content in solid fuels, ash content ...weiterlesen

Analysis of ship emissions

1. Research of exhaust gas emissions by mobile, high precision, automatic complex gas analyzers for NOx, SO2, CO, O2 in emission sources 2. Research of for air pollution with harmful gases by use mono component, automatic gas analysers (for NOx and O3 ) measurements in ambient air 3. Research of for ...weiterlesen

Ship hydrodynamics testing and modeling

1. Optimization of ship's hull forms aiming to reduce water resistance, fuel consumption and air pollution indicators 2. Ship motion and stabilization research, aiming to ensure ship's safe exploitation 3. Research of liquids dynamics and flow around formed objects, simulation and research of operational ...weiterlesen

Power plants efficiency solutions

1. Improvement of energy, ecology and reliability rates of transport diesel engine plants, optimising load cycles 2. Alternative liquid and gaseous fuels efficient use in diesel power plants 3. Diesel engine performance modelingweiterlesen

Research vessel services

1. Geological investigations of the sea bed 2. Geophysical investigations onshore, internal waterbodies and open sea 3. Marine engineering servicesweiterlesen

Steel rope quality diagnostic

Patent: Method and equipment of steel rope quality diagnostic Scaled in Japan, and planned to be scaled in South Korea Goal - to create new non-destructive method of steel rope diagnostics, intended to use it during equipment exploitation or for independent rope diagnostics. Qualities: 1. Diagnose ...weiterlesen

Medical herb drying room

Stationary medical herb drying room The drying room is heated using 131 square meters aerial solar collectors. The drying technique can thus be customized for fruits, berries, mushrooms, and other foods. Mobile medical herb drying room The drying room uses a hybrid drying technique: different types ...weiterlesen

Wave energy applications

Wave energy research in the lower energy potential areas, assessment of the wave energy temporal and spatial distribution via numerical modelling. Solutions for wave energy applications in the lower wave energy potential areas and their sustainable use. Assessment of the efficient and sustainable shoreline ...weiterlesen

Media monitoring using IT technologies

We will provide linguistic analysis using text and speech analysis, voice control. We also can provide you by searching documents in organization computer libraries. We will draw up automatic list of keywords and summary to make your work process much more effective.weiterlesen

Creation of response simulation

According to your request we can create simulation learning programm. Factory people using this program can be prepared/or checked how to react to critical situations during manufacturing process. These learnings can help you to avoid financial loses.weiterlesen

Process optimization,detection of errors

This tool can help in quantitive industrial decision making. We can suggest you to optimize your specified set of parameters without violating constraint. We can minimize cost, maximize throughput, and/or efficiency.weiterlesen

Renewable energy research

1. Wind measurements; 2. Analysis of wind conditions, selection of wind turbine locations, modelling of environmental impact; 3. Energy efficiency research; 4. Renewable energy application feasibility studies; 5. Renewable energy project development and implementation.weiterlesen

Systematic research

1. Elaboration of development strategies and master plans for country or company energy systems; 2. Elaboration of climate, energy, water, food and land use plans; 3. Reliability analysis of energy systems; 4. Elaboration of optimal approaches for balancing intermittent energy generation from renewable ...weiterlesen

Hydrology modelling

1. Impact assessment of climate change on water bodies; 2. Analysis of change of extreme hydrological phenomena of water bodies; 3. Digital modelling of waves, hydrological and hydrodynamic processes, and sediment transport in water bodies; 4. Environmental impact assessment of anthropogenic activities ...weiterlesen

Structural integrity assessment

1. Strength analysis of structures, piping and components in complex technical systems, 2. Static and dynamic analysis, 3. Finite element analysis, 4. Linear and non-linear analysis, 5. Analysis of components containing defects.weiterlesen

Risk of technologies and energy security

1. Risk, hazard and reliability analysis of industrial sites, 2. Assessment of energy security of supply, critical infrastructures protection, 3. Reliability assessment of processes in net systems, 4. Externals events analysis, 5. Failure analysis and engineering assessment for complex technical systems.weiterlesen

Safety of Fusion Reactors

1. Safety assessment, 2.Accident analysis, 3. Thermal-hydraulic analysis, 4. Neutron transport simulation, 5. Activation analysis, 6. Radiation doses estimation, 7. Strength analysis, 8. Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis.weiterlesen

Safety of Nuclear Installations

1. Thermal-hydraulic analysis of accidents and transient processes, 2. Assessment of thermal-hydraulic parameters in NPP containments and other premises, 3. Simulation of neutron dynamics in reactor core, 4. Simulation of radionuclides and aerosols transport, 5. Modelling of processes in nuclear fuel ...weiterlesen

Systems Control and Automation

1. Deployment of smart grid technologies in power networks: strategies, scope, performance, costs; 2. Analysis of the integration of ICT for the control of transmission and distribution grids; 3. Monitoring and control algorithms for power system, networks and facilities; 4. Development of operational ...weiterlesen

Plasma processing

Low temperature plasma processing of metals, polymers, organic and other substances can be realized in one of the several vacuum chambers.weiterlesen

Thin film synthesis

Films of various metals, semiconductors, oxides, hydrides and other materials can be made by 3" and 4" magnetrons as well as E-beam evaporation processes in inert and reactive gas atmospheres. RF, DC and pulsed-DC power sources are available.weiterlesen

High-temperature material testing

The researchers of Plasma Processing Laboratory worked hard by experimenting with numerous of samples made of various materials, used for producing space shuttle hulls of the former Soviet Union. The effect of plasma also high temperature and velocity jets and flows to the changes of structure and properties ...weiterlesen

Plasma sprayed coatings

Plasma spray technology for surface formation was applied for deposition of catalytic, tribological and protective coatings as well as for hard ceramic coatings, which are employed for improving the operational characteristics of constructional material surface layers in mechanics, chemistry, energy ...weiterlesen

Ceramic fibre

Plasma technology is the only alternative to obtain a high-quality high-temperature resistant ceramic fibre. Plasma formed fibre has unique properties such as resistance to high temperature, low thermal conductivity and high chemical stability. For melting and stringing of ceramic materials and forming ...weiterlesen

Multiparametric Scale

Weighing scales are actively investigated now as an operator-less device for unobtrusive, intermittent cardiovascular monitoring 29 , 30 . We developed a multiparametric scale which is able to acquire 3 lead electrocardiogram (Einthovens triangle) and bioimpedance spectroscopy parameters at 5 frequencies. ...weiterlesen

Wrist Worn Device

The wrist worn device is intended to be used for unobtrusive and continuous monitoring of atrial fibrillation arhytmia. It uses biooptical signal, i.e., photoplethysmogram for this purpose. Biopotential signal, i.e., electrocardiogram is acquired synchroneously and is used as a reference. The reference ...weiterlesen


Analyse, Diagnose und Optimierung von Prozessen und Produkten zur Qualitätssicherung Analyse, Diagnose und Optimierung von Systemen Angewandte Forschung zu Luftreinhaltung Angewandte Forschung zu nachwachsende Rohstoffe Angewandte Forschung zu Qualitätskontrolle und Qualitätssicherung Angewandte Forschung zu Schifffahrtstechnologien Angewandte Forschung zu Wasserreinhaltung Anwendungsorientierte Forschung für die Energietechnik Beratung für Geschäftsprozessoptimierung Beratung und Planung für weitere erneuerbare und zukünftige Energien Beratung zu Business Continuity & Risikomanagement Dieselmotoren Elektrische Trocknungseinrichtungen Elektronische Wägetechnik Engineering-Dienstleistungen und Outsourcing für Maschinenbau, Anlagenbau, Elektrotechnik, Automotive, Aviation, Marine, IT Entfettungsanlagen und Reinigungsanlagen mit wässrigen Lösungen für ganze Körper Forschung zu Dünnschichttechnik Forschung zu medizinische Überwachungstechnik Forschung zu Plasmaphysik, Plasmatechnik Forschung zu Strömungstechnik, Aerodynamik, Hydrodynamik Hochtemperatur-Isolationswerkstoffe Informations-Managementsysteme für den Logistikbereich Informations-Managementsysteme für die Produktion Instandhaltung und Service für Kraftwerke und Anlagen zur Stromerzeugung Interaktive Lernprogramme, Computer Based Training (CBT) ISM Band (Industrial, Scientific, Medical Band) Übertragungssysteme Kernreaktoren, Reaktorsicherheitssysteme, Nukleartechnikkomponenten Leittechnik für Energieerzeugung Naturwissenschaftliche Grundlagenforschung Plasma-Beschichten Plasmatechnik (Innovative Technologien) Risikomanagement-Dienstleistungen für die Industrie Sensoren für Masse, Gewicht, Wägung, Dosierung Software & Lösungen für Geschäftsprozessoptimierung, Geschäftsprozessmanagement Software & Lösungen für Media Asset Management, Mediendatenbanken Softwarewerkzeuge und Anwendungssoftware für Informations-Managementsysteme Sonstige angewandte Forschung im Bereich der Industrieautomatisierung Sonstige Forschung für die Energietechnik Sonstige integrierte Lösungen für Prozessoptimierung und Advanced Control Sonstige Lehrsysteme und Lernsysteme Sonstige Messrelais und Überwachungsrelais Sonstige Plasmavorbehandlungsanlagen, Plasmabeschichtungsanlagen, Plasma-Oberflächentechnik-Anlagen Sonstiges Business Continuity Management & Risikomanagement Trocknungsanlagen Wellen für Windenergieanlagen Werkstoff-Analyse über Materialkennzahlen und Leistungsmerkmale Zerstörende Werkstoffprüfungen und Bauteilprüfungen Zerstörungsfreie Werkstoffprüfungen und Bauteilprüfungen

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