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Thema: Bayern Gemeinschaftsstand - Bayern Innovativ
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Bayern Innovativ


Micro Systems

Schlegelweg 17
95180 Berg
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Fax: +49 9293 78 741


Herr Nikolaus Petzold
Sales Manager
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
251-500 (Stand: 2017)


Protection / Encapsulation

Protection / Encapsulation. - Glob Top (Temp./UV-Curing) - Inline/Off-Line-Underfill (LTCC, PCB) - Junction Coating - Cover and Lid Soldering/Gluing -Transfermoldingweiterlesen

Attach Technologies

Gluing - Epoxy printing - Epoxy dispensing - Preforms Soldering - Solder printing - Solder dispensing ...weiterlesen

Wire Bonding Technologies

Ultrasonic - Al-thin wire bonding Standard, - Al-thick wire bonding Fine Pitch Power Devices Thermosonic - Au-thin wire bonding Standard, Wedge/Wedge - Au cold wire bonding Microwave, ...weiterlesen

Thick Film

Standard Thick Film Ceramic (96% Alumina) substrates are engineered to minimize as-fired resistor variations and maximize aged adhesion values. Superior resistor stability is achieved by controlling the substrates' effects on the temperature coefficient of resistance. Standard Thick Film Ceramic substrate ...weiterlesen

Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics (LTCC)

LTCC is a multilayer ceramic technology and stands for Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic, which low sintering temperature - around 900° C - allows the usage of noble high conductivity metals as silver and gold. Green sheets out of glass, alumina and organic binder are punched and the vias are filled with ...weiterlesen

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