HANNOVER MESSE 2018, 23. - 27. April


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Thema: BEPA Pavillon
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Nara Corporation

Gwahaksandan-ro, 194-33
46743 Gangseo-gu
Korea, Republik
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fluid coupling

The fluid coupling is hydrokinetic transmission. The impellers perform like a centrifugel pump and hydraulic turbine. The oil moves by centrifugal force across the blades of the turbine towards the outside of the coupling. This absorbs the kinetic energy and develops a torque which is always equal to ...weiterlesen

JAW couplings

The JAW couplings are a reliable claw type with flexible lobes. The flexible element compensate for radial, axial and angular misalignment. The JAW couplings uses an flexible element, and provides the required torsional flexibility for transmission smoothly. - Absorb dynamic shocks and vibrations. - ...weiterlesen

Variable Filling - NVC

- Simplified and Economical Design - Horizontal Self-Supporting, Housing in Tunnel Type - Internal Gear Driven Oil Pump - Antifriction Bearing with Continuous Lubrication - Oil Cooler with Water Cooling - Remote and Auto. Control - Speed Control of 20~100weiterlesen

K1 hydraulic valve

K1 hydraulic valve is the core parts in 'k1 tank'. This transmission unit can control the rpm of both planetary reducer. The drive system is controlled by this 'k1 hydraulic valve. K1 hydraulic unit pass the operation test. Operation test : durability test in 37,500 times. Severe test low & high temperature ...weiterlesen

turning gears

NARA turning gears are designed by planetary gear drives in order to transmit high torque capacity. The planetary reducer is consist of sun-gear and idle-gear. Idle-gear go around the sun-gear with the rotation. They are applied for a big diesel engines of BMW or SULZER. - NARA's Turning Gear is being ...weiterlesen

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