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Ningbo Mintay Flow Equipment

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Ningbo Mintay Flow Equipment
Co., Ltd.

No.1292 Hangyong South Road
Luotuo, Zhenhai
315202 Ningbo
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Fax: +86 574 86570645


Calibrating equipment of water flow

Overview: liquid (water, oil) flow device is required in accordance with JJG164-2000 and quote the relevant domestic and foreign latest technology designed and manufactured by the technology and signed a number of users results show that the design of our products, advanced technology, accurate, reliable, ...weiterlesen

Gas flow standard device

Overview: LBQ-y type sound nozzle gas flow device selected in line with international standards (ISO9300) and national regulations (JJG620 - 1994) the critical flow Venturi nozzle as a flow standard for comparison of the flow meter test or tests. This is the solution of large, medium gas flow test of ...weiterlesen

Heat meter calibration

Heat Meter (including water table) to test the device is a comprehensive domestic and foreign technology, designed and developed from the national conditions, with strong domestic economic practicality of a special measuring equipment. Measured by the number of technical appraisal and comparison results ...weiterlesen

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