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Ningbo Powerway Alloy Material

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Ningbo Powerway Alloy Material

No. 288 Hong Gang Road
Binhai Industry Zone, Zhanqi Town
Yinzhou District
315135 Ningbo
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Micron High Wear Resistance Enviroment Friendly Alloy Materialweiterlesen

Brazing Material

The welding & brazing material of Powerway Alloy features high strength and corrosion resistance, is widely used in the brass oxyacetylene welding, carbon arc welding, universal type oxyacetylene welding, argon arc welding and steel material MIG welding. Categories: Bar & Wire production-Brazing Material Name: ...weiterlesen

CuZn Brass

Powerway Alloy is a leading manufacturer in the country with the richest and highest quality high-precision copper bars. The market share of CuZn brass using in the batteries has ranked first in the trade for five consecutive years. Brass features perfect cold machining performance, high elasticity and ...weiterlesen

Free Machining Brass

The free machining brass of Powerway Alloy has superior processing efficiency and longer service life than the same products in the market. The quantity and quality is leading the trade in the country with its perfect cutting and drilling performances, being applied in the automatic lathes and numerically ...weiterlesen

Complex Brass

High Strength High Corrosion Resisitance Complex Brassweiterlesen


Powerway Alloy is equipped with delicate technologies, which can ensure the stability and reliability of the products. The cupronickel products with higher corrosion resistance and strength over the competitors on the market are widely used in the glasses accessories and all kinds of connectors. Categories: ...weiterlesen

Copper Nickel Zinc Alloy

The high strength copper nickel zinc alloy is a national patented product independently developed by Powerway Alloy with independent intellectual property rights. With its high quality processing performance and elasticity, are widely used in the glasses accessories, electronic components, crafts, optical ...weiterlesen

Spectacle-Frame Wire

Spectacle-Frame Wireweiterlesen

Free Cutting CuNi Alloy

The free cutting CuNi Alloy with lower comprehensive cost, cost-effective, superior cutting performance and processing efficiency, is widely used in the pen point, glasses accessories and instrument accessories manufacturing. Categories: Bar & Wire production-Nickel Silver Alloy Material Name: Free cutting ...weiterlesen

Phosphor Bronze

The high performance alloy material, tin phosphorus bronze, developed by Powerway Alloy, with high machinery processing performance and detrition performance, which is widely applied in the connectors, computer accessories, instrument hairsprings and arc brazing materials and QSn4-3 has been successfully ...weiterlesen

Aluminum Bronze

The high quality aluminum bonze produced by Powerway Alloy features high strength, rigidity and the specific mechanical capacity which is rare seeing in the general ones, which is widely used in the machinery, shipping and aviation areas for manufacturing bearings, sleeves, valve seats, fasteners and ...weiterlesen

High Inoxidizability Silver Copper Alloy

The silver-copper alloy with high electrical conductivity and perfect inoxidizability developed by Powerway Alloy is widely used in the motor commutator, communication, high speed rail contact wire, electronics and other fields. Categories: Bar & Wire production-Special Alloy Material Name: High inoxidizability ...weiterlesen

Efficient Energy Saving Brass Alloy

As a primary high performance copper alloy materials manufacturer in the country, Powerway Alloy has strong research and development strength in the energy saving new materials. The high efficient energy saving brass alloy with perfect low thermal conductivity and durability is widely used in the valves, ...weiterlesen

High-strength Elastic Alloys

High-strength Elastic Alloysweiterlesen

Chromium Zirconium Copper Alloy

Powerway Alloy is one of the primary units for researching, developing and manufacturing high performance copper alloy materials in China. Chromium-zirconium-copper is a national patented product independently developed by Powerway, which with features of high strength and high conductivity is widely ...weiterlesen

Nickel Free Cupronickel

Nickel free cupronickel is developed by Powerway Alloy independently and is a national patented product with independent intellectual property rights, which has been listed among the national key new products and has been ranked first in the market for a continuous eight years. Nickel free cupronickel ...weiterlesen

Bathroom Environmental-friendly Brass

The bathroom environment-friendly brass of Powerway Alloy have the characteristics of high quality free cutting performance, heat treatment and high security, which is dedicated to bathroom taps and pendants, being the ideal alternative to lead-brass. Categories: Bar & Wire production-Green Alloy Material ...weiterlesen

Copper Titanium Alloy Strip

High Strength High Conductivity Copper Titanium Alloy Stripweiterlesen

Chromium Zirconium Copper Alloy Strip

High Strength High Conductivity Chromium Zirconium Copper Alloy Stripweiterlesen

Copper Nickel

High Conductivity High Stress Relaxation Resisitance Copper Nickelweiterlesen

Copper Nickel Silicon Strip

High Strength High Conductivity Copper Nickel Silicon Stripweiterlesen

High Precision Cu-Fe Alloy Strip

High hardness, high conductivity, high softening bronze strip produced by Powerway Alloy have excellent cold working, moderate strength ,high conductivity ,good electroplate ,hot dip tin performance, is suitable for soldering and gas protection welding .Mainly used in integrated circuits ,microelectronics ...weiterlesen

Zinc Copper Nickel Alloy Strip

High Precision Zinc Copper Nickel Alloy Stripweiterlesen

Lead free brass

Number HBi59-1.5A, HBi59-1.5B, HBi59-1.5C with the following features lead content <001%; The cadmium content <0.001%; Cutting quality, reach 80% C36000; Strong corrosion resistance; Excellently forging, cold forging performance; Excellent welding performance, electroplating performance ,smooth surface. Application Widely ...weiterlesen

Tin Phosphor Bronze Stri

High Performance Tin Phosphor Bronze Stripweiterlesen

Free Cutting Bronze

With over 20 years of delicate technologies, the free cutting brass of Powerway Alloy with excellent cutting and drilling performance is widely used in the aviation, auto, heavy machineries and other precision parts processing areas.weiterlesen

Lead less free-cutting nickel copper

As a leading enterprise in the domestic environment-friendly copper alloy material trade, the lead less free-cutting nickel copper alloy researched and developed by Powerway Alloy is free cutting and can be easily welded, which is widely used in the manufacturing and processing areas of pen point and ...weiterlesen

Engineering copper alloy

In precision moulds field,Powerway Alloy has successfully developed a series of engineering copper alloy products, of which the performances and quality are accessible even beyond the foreign same type products. These products include Aluminum Bronze, Beryllium Copper, CuCrZr, CuNiSiCr, etc, and provide ...weiterlesen

Lead free brass

The lead free brass of Powerway Alloy has been listed among "the State-level Key New Product Project", "the National Key Technology R&D Program for the 11th Five-year Plan", and has been awarded with Chinese Patent, US Patent and other countries' patents, which can totally meet the newest environment-protection ...weiterlesen

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