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Ningbo Zhongda Leader Intelligent

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Ningbo Zhongda Leader Intelligent
Transmission Equipment Stock Co.,

No. 185 1st Xinxing Road
New Industrial Zone
315300 Cixi
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PL Series Precision Planetary Gear Motor

The max radial and axial torque work in the location of the center of ouput shaft when the out speed is 100RPMweiterlesen

High Voltage BLDC Gear Motor 90W

High Voltage BLDC Gear Motorweiterlesen

DC Brush (Brushless) Planetary Gear Motor

It is available in various models and please refer to the attached performance table.weiterlesen

Sweeping Gear Motor P8

This model is another kind of sweeping gear motors with the life of 1000H. The no-load noise of motor is less than 65dB, L=100cm. The voltage enduration is AC660V, 1S. The leaking current is less than 10mA, while the insulation resistance is more than 50m, 500V.weiterlesen

Sweeping Gear Motor P7

This model is one kind of sweeping gear motors available in different models with the gearhead model of GX and gear ratio of 7&10. For further detailed parameters, please refer to the attached datasheet.weiterlesen

AC Geared Motor

AC Geared Motors, adopting AC single-phase capacitor to make the electric motors work, are suitable to be the driving elements in low-speed drive mechanisms and can simplify the mechanical structure and reduce energy consumption.weiterlesen

AC Induction Motor

* Gearhead and mid-gearbox can be sold separately. * Enter the code that represents the terminal box type (T) in the box within the model name. * Enter the gear ratio in the box within the model name. * The colored background indicates the same rotating direction of the motor while the rotating direction ...weiterlesen

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