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Nippen Electrical Instruments

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Nippen Electrical Instruments Co.

12-A, Joy Engg. Compound
Marol-Maroshi Road
Andheri (East)
Mumbai 400059
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Fax: +91 22 29205346


Herr Ashley Rodrigues
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Telefon: +91 22 29201581
Fax: +91 22 29205346
Herr Hasmukh Jain
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Telefon: +91 22 29201581
Fax: +91 22 29205346
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ABS / Metal BODY

NIPPEN Insulation Testers are used for direct reading of insulation resistance of electrical rotating machines, power distribution lines, communication cables, insulators, control and switching equipment etc. They are robust instruments, incorporating a built-in-hand driven generator and a solid-state ...weiterlesen

Phase sequence meters

These meters measure sequences of 3 phase power lines. Suitable for operating on 50-500V AC and 40-65Hz, they are housed in 96mm square cases. The phase sequence is indicated by the direction of rotation of the disc.weiterlesen

Vibrating reed frequency meter

The vibrating reed frequency meter has steel reed elements in the field of an electromagnet. The reeds vibrate in resonance with the energizing Alternating Curent of this electromagnet. Meters are manufactured having 11, 13 or 21 reeds. Only the individual reed, whose natural frequency corresponds ...weiterlesen

Bimetallic maximum demand ammeters

NIPPEN Bimetallic maximum demand ammeters with integration time of 15min. find special use in panels. There are two models to choose from. Model MD-96 has a slave pointer attached to the bimetal movement. In Model MD-96S the instantaneous values can also be monitored in addition to the maximum demand ...weiterlesen


It offers: - Measures all important Electrical Parameters - Accuracy 1.0 % or 0.5% ( optional ) - THD of Voltage & current phase- wise & Total - Dual Source measurement ( EB & DG ) - Alarm / Trip output programmable for any parameter including Demand - RS 4 & 5 Port for communication to BMS / EMS ...weiterlesen

Power Factor Controller

NIPPEN Model UNO+ is used for measurement and control of PF using reactive power compensation. Capacitor banks are suitably switched On and OFF automatically to provide necessary compensation. Intelligent switching algorithm ( Wear leveling ) ensures uniform aging of the capacitors used to achieve the ...weiterlesen

Digital Panel Meters

Digital Panel Meters Catalogueweiterlesen


Moving Iron Instruments are generally used for measuring AC Voltage and Currents. A feature of the moving element is that it is fitted with synthetic sapphire jewels. The movement is light and quick acting, but extremely robust. An efficient system of fluid damping is employed. The movement is efficiently ...weiterlesen

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