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Officine Meccaniche Industriali S.r.l.

Via dell'Artigianato 34
34070 Fogliano Redipuglia
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Telefon: +39 0481 488516
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
101-250 (Stand: 2017)

zwischen 10 Mio und 50 Mio EUR (Stand: 2017)



NEW! Energy Saving line 1500-2250

The NEW high-efficiency design and construction of ESD 1500 - 2250 cycling dryers helps to achieve better performances, while reducing energy consumption. The patented, high-efficiency 3-layer NEW heat exchanger combined with a thermal mass circuit helps save energy at partial load. The refrigerant ...weiterlesen

NEW! ED series - Extended range

A new range of air dryers completely redesigned in order to obtain the best possible combination of high efficiency, low pressure drop and reduced dimensions, with a consequent reduction in management costs and installation time. In particular, operation has been simplified and the number of circuits ...weiterlesen

Refrigerated compressed air dryers Easy Dry Line - ED Series

The highest level of performance of our ED dryers is guaranteed by the new heat exchanger, completely designed in our labs. A variable speed fan patented solution is adopted to control and monitor dew point temperature and drain valve. "Industrial" dryers manufactured according to the latest safety regulations ...weiterlesen

Dolomite dryers

New range of dryers with a renewed design and innovative technology solutions to optimize performance and to obtain a simplified and more efficient management. The electronic controller and the user interface has been simplified maintaining the essential functions of operation and regulation, including ...weiterlesen

Energy saving refrigerated dryers

Top performance, highest energy saving, low cost, proven reliability. Innovative patented solution for 3-layer heat exchanger, with 3 circuits integrated in the same cooler for a better efficiency. Digital control board with features dedicated to energy saving: - Dual probe to control against freezing ...weiterlesen

High inlet temperature air dryers HTD

Standard refrigeration air dryers are designed for inlet air temperature of about 35 - 40 °C. For higher working conditions, it is necessary to oversize the dryer with the result of higher purchasing and running costs. The HTDE series, thanks to the oversized air/air heat exchanger, is suitable for inlet ...weiterlesen

Heatless adsorption dryers HL/KDD series

HL adsorption dryers provide a constant pressure dew point of -40°C or, on request for special applications, -70°C for certain industrial applications where compressed air must be completely free of suspended water vapour.weiterlesen

HL Pro adsorption dryers

HL Pro is a special series of adsorption dryers that offers a lot of options and customization possibilities. The Energy Management System option maximises energy efficiency while manteining a constant dew point. HL Pro are available with a dewpoint of -40°C or -70°C and various accessories as, for example: ...weiterlesen

HB - Heated blower adsorption dryers

This type of dryer does not divert dried compressed air from the air system to remove moisture from the desiccant in the off-line tank. Rather, it employs its own high performance centrifugal blower to direct ambient air through a heater and then through the off - line tank. There the stream of heated ...weiterlesen

Chillers for water and oil

OMI chillers find a great use in the cooling of presses and hoppers for thermoplastics, welding machines, dies for metal and plastic materials, electronic industry and laser cut, alimentary and pharmaceutical.weiterlesen

Air cooled aftercoolers

When installed upstream the compressor, the air cooled aftercoolers, which are always supplied complete with condense separator, allow to separate up to 80% of the condense contained in compressed air. This optimises the dryer's performances by lightening its thermal load.weiterlesen

Water Oil separators ECOTRON series

Easy to size, install, test and mainain; our Ecotron water oil separators are suitable for all type of compressed air systems (any type of compressor and oil) they don't need any correction factor.weiterlesen

ALPS Series compressed air filters

Series of die-cast aluminum filters characterized by innovative solutions: - Design that ensures a very low pressure drop; - Filter element Locking system that allows an easy and quick replacement without any maneuver space beneath the filter; - Adapter between element and filter head customizable upon ...weiterlesen

Compressed air filters and cyclone condensate separators

A wide selection of filters and condensate separators is available at OMI. Our filters remove solid and oil particles up to 0,01 micron and 0,003 mg/m3. Accessories like differential pressure gauges, indicators, drains, quick connections and wall supports are supplied upon request.weiterlesen

Heavy duty filters HDT and HDP

This series of filters is designed for heavy duty conditions as high working pressure or temperature. HDT filters works with high temperature up to 150-200°C and HDP filters up to 40 bar pressure. HDT series is available also with special high temperature resistant pressure gauges and drains.weiterlesen

Easy Pipe Line

OMI range of pipes made of aluminium and fittings is designed principally for transporting compressed air but can be used for the transport of other gaseous liquids under pressure, drinking water or other alimentary liquids, in accordance to all main European regulations.weiterlesen

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