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Thema: Dänemark Gemeinschaftsstand - Dänische Botschaft
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Pipetek A/S

Gammelgaardevej 40
6855 Outrup
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At Pipetek A/S we have a wide selection of tools to suit the many different pipe dimensions that are required, both round and square. In the event that we do not have the tools for the required dimension and radius, we have our own in-house tool department where we make most of the tools that we use. This ...weiterlesen


We use either your drawings or your models to produce prototypes. Once you have approved the prototype, we produce a template of the piece in question. Subsequent units are then manufactured using this template. If you do not have a drawing or a model of the piece you require, a model can be produced ...weiterlesen

Pipe bending

Bent pipe is used in a very wide range of products and is often cheaper than traditional welded solutions. Even small series runs such as five units will often be cheaper and will also result in a more homogeneous product. The visual impression is often an important element in how a product is perceived. ...weiterlesen

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