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Plymouth Rubber Europa

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Halle 13, Stand C54


Plymouth Rubber Europa S.A.

Ctra. Porrino-Salceda Km 1,5 Ap.12
36400 Porrino
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Fax: +34 986 336926


Frau Ana María Gonzalez
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Telefon: +34 986 33 05 62
Fax: +34 986 336 926
Frau Nathalie Pollett
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Telefon: +34 986 33 05 62
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
101-250 (Stand: 2016)

zwischen 10 Mio und 50 Mio EUR (Stand: 2016)



A corrosion protection, pressure sensitive vinyl tape giving complete environmental, mechanical and electrical protection for all types of pipewrapping applications. UV, bacteria and fungus resistant, Plywrap 11 tape can be used for both overhead and direct burial applications. Fed. Spec. L-T- 001512. ...weiterlesen

10 Plyseal

A self-amalgamating, insulating mastic for insulating and sealing all types of overhead and direct buried electrical connections up to 600 Volts. 10 Plyseal has superior adhesion to metals, cable insulations, and jackets with no adverse effect on polymeric conducting shields. For watersealing duct work, ...weiterlesen

77 Plyglass

A 7 mil (0,18mm) woven glass fabric tape with a thermosetting rubber based, pressure sensitive adhesive used for insulating and protecting high temperature (130°C) connections, such as motor leads and transformer windings. 77 Plyglas has high tensile strength for splice reinforcement and provides excellent ...weiterlesen

53 Plyarc

A 30 mil (0,76mm) elastomeric tape that provides excellent flame and arc protection for all types of cables. When exposed to flame, 53 Plyarc will generate a thermally insulating residue for cable protection. Use on cable conduit where added fire protection is required. Excellent flexibility and conformability ...weiterlesen

20 Plysil

A 20 mil (0,51mm) triangular cross-section, self-amalgamating, silicone rubber tape used for jacketing high voltage terminations on solid dielectric cable through 69kV. 20 Plysil is track and erosion resistant and can be used as primary insulation for high temperature (180°C) applications. ASTM-D-2148, ...weiterlesen

Fine Line

High temperature resistant. This tape will perform in the presence of 150ºC temperatures for at least 1hour and leave a sharp, clean separation line. Excellent adherence to wide variety of surfaces. Follows contours and remains in place as long as necessary. Leaves no residue upon removal. Meets the ...weiterlesen


Plyfill is a self-amalgamating low voltage insulating mastic, designed for quick void-free insulation build-up. Plyfill can be easily molded by hand to confirm to irregular shapes and can be used as primary insulation for splices through 5 kV in conjunction with other insulating tapes. Plyfill provides ...weiterlesen

Vinyl Mastic (VM)

A self-fusing mastic compound with an all-weather, premium vinyl backing that can be used for insulating and water-sealing electrical connections through 600 volts. Small roll sizes can be stretched and molded around irregular shapes, even in tight locations. Provides excellent electrical proper-ties, ...weiterlesen


This insulating tape (0.15mm) is available in several colors. It is highly conformable with a good adhesion level. It is flame retardant and suitable for all kind of mechanical and electrical applications. Can be used for primary insulations of splices up to 600V. It is a easily conformable tape with ...weiterlesen

Premium 111

A 7 mil (0,18mm) all weather, professional grade, pressure sensitive vinyl tape which gives excellent performance over a wide range of temperatures. Cold and weather resistant. Can be used as primary insulation for splices at not more than 600 Volts. Use as protective outer jacket over splices and all ...weiterlesen

Premium 85

An 8.5 mil (0,21mm) all weather, professional grade, pressure sensitive vinyl tape that provides heavier thickness for added mechanical and electrical protection. Cold and weather resistant. Flame retardant. Can be used as primary insulation for splices at not more than 600 Volts. Excellent protective ...weiterlesen

Premium 37

A 7 mil (0,18mm) all weather, professional grade, pressure sensitive vinyl tape that is available in nine colors for color coding and insulating. Cold and weather resistant. Flame Retardant. Use Premium 37 for quick identification of electrical circuits, containers, and conduit systems, as well as primary ...weiterlesen


A 30 mil (0,76mm) EPR, self-amalgamating high voltage tape for insulating and jacketing splices through 69kV. W963 Plysafe amalgamates quickly, yielding a void-free, electrically stable build-up and is ideal for water-proofing. ASTM-D-4388, HH-I-553C/Grade A, MIL-I-3825B.weiterlesen

17 Plyshield

A 30 mil (0,76mm) EPR selfamalgamating, conducting tape for shielding high voltage splices and terminations. Use for rebuilding strand shield and insulation shields on high voltage splices and for shielding all types of connections. ASTM-D-4388.weiterlesen

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