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Plymouth Yongle Tape

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Halle 12, Stand A03
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Plymouth Yongle Tape
(Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

1369 Guinan Road
Shihudang Branch of Songjian
Industry Park
201617 Shanghai
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Fax: +86 21 57845258


Herr Richard Yang
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Telefon: +86 21 57845026
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Herr Michael Hua
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Telefon: +86 21 57845677
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
251-500 (Stand: 2015)


Professional Grade Electrical Tape

A 7 mil (0,18mm) all weather, professional grade, pressure sensitive vinyl tape which gives excellent performance over a wide range of temperatures. Cold and sunlight resistant. Flame retardant. PRO-43 can be used as primary insulation for splices at not more than 600 Volts. Used as protective outer ...weiterlesen

7 mil Economy Grade Electrical Tape

A 7 mil (0,18mm) economy grade, pressure sensitive vinyl tape. EE-100 is flame retardant and weather resistant and can be used as primary insulation at not more than 600 volts. UL 510, CSA. VDE, Lead-free.weiterlesen

Ply-69W High Voltage Insulating Tape

A 30 mil (0,76mm) EPR, self-amalgamating, high voltage tape for insulating and jacketing splices through 69 kv. Ply-69W amalgamates quickly, yielding a void-free, electrically stable build-up and is ideal for water-proofing. ASTM-D-4388, HH-I-553C / Grade A, MIL-I-3825B.weiterlesen

No.744 Marking Tape

CORROSION PROTECTION TAPE: #744 color coding tape are made from PVC film, has characteristic of water-proof, rot-proof and weather resistant etc. It is the premier marking material for ground, piller, building etc has vary colors for choices.-Electrical protectionweiterlesen

No.725 - 750 VinylPipewrap Tape

CORROSION PROTECTION TAPE: - 10 mil thickness - Highly resistant to sun, water, oil, acids, alkali, corrosive chemicals - Bacteria and fungus resistant - Abrasion resistant - Electrical protection RECOMMENDED USES: Protect pipe joints, conduit and couplings for over-head or direct ...weiterlesen

No.700P Vinyl PlasticElectrical Tape

- 7 Mil Thickness - Pressure Sensitive - High Dielectric Strength - Resistant to sun, water, oil, acids, alkalies, corrosive chemicals - MSHA Approved - Conformable, Flexible - Abrasion resistant RECOMMENDED USES: Use this tape for primary insulation through 600V. Ideally suited ...weiterlesen

No. 718

Features: No. 718 is designed specifically to meet the exacting requirements of the communications industry. #718 is fully conformable at 0-18 and pulls smoothly form roll at maximum splicing speeds without breaking, yet ratain its strength and adhesion adhesion at elevated temperatures. Once wrapped ...weiterlesen

No.737 ColorCoding Vinyl PlasticElectrical Tape

- 7 Mil Thickness - Vivid colors for quick reference - Industry approved colors - Highly resistant to sun, water, oil, acid, alkali, corrosive chemicals - Cold and weather resistant - Economical - Conformable, Flexible - Flame retardant - UL and CSA approved - Meets ASTM Specification ...weiterlesen

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