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Power Research Electronics

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Electrical Mobility

Electric driving, fast charging. The Electrical Bicycle is nowadays no strange appearance in the modern traffic. Also other directives of electrical transport, like the Scooter and Car are winning ground on popularity. The advantages are numerous. Less pollution, less noise and especially Energy Saving. ...weiterlesen

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy requires durable solutions. Solar- and Wind-Energy have achieved large steps in the past few years. By this they are more often considered as realistic options to provide our daily Energy requirements. The current they generate are nevertheless different then what our power grid is offering ...weiterlesen

LED Lighting

Retrieve more from a LED with Drivers from PRE. The possibilities with LED lighting are almost endless, to say at least dynamic. Light that adapts to presence, ambient light or for example light that varies in color. To get the maximum from LED Lighting, good power supplies and drivers are required. Only ...weiterlesen

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