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Pneumatic Drill

This portable custom made machine is designed to extinguish fires in storage tanks for flammable liquid fuels. Drill cuts a hole in pipeline leading to a storage tank, that enables supply of fire-fighting agents to the tanks with no need for shutdown of a whole pipelines system. The hole is tightly sealed ...weiterlesen

PRO 39

PRO 39 is designed for deep hole drilling in pressure vessels. Superior features of PRO 39 include: - 450mm long stroke for extra long twist drills - 4-speed gearbox - integrated gearbox with housing slide - D-Mag mode - Motor soft start PRO 39 is also equipped with Power Feed Attachment type DMF4100, ...weiterlesen


PRO 10-PB - Pipe bevelling machine is designed for portable use on pipe machining operations. It can be used efficiently by single operator. It is a typical heavy duty ID mounted pipe beveller. Self-centering expandable mandrels provide quick and proper alignment to a pipe or a tube prior to machining ...weiterlesen


Promotech's portable cutting, beveling and welding machine is designed for cutting and beveling holes on flat, convex, concave surfaces, pipes, tanks and special conical shaped tubular structures such as wind towers. The MCM machines enable programmable and complete both sided oxy-fuel or plasma hole ...weiterlesen


DRAGON is intended to transport different types of oxy-fuel cutting torches with a grip diameter 28-35mm (1-1/8» to 1-3/8») to perform machine quality cutting and beveling processes in a variety of applications. Primary features and benefits: - State-of-the-art, digitally controlled track torch - Cutting ...weiterlesen

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