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Respect Her Industrial

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Respect Her Industrial Co., Ltd

No. 76 Chi-Nan Rd, da-She District
815 Kaohsiung
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Fax: +886 7 352 1763


Herr Charles Lin
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Telefon: +886 7 351 7151
Fax: +886 7 352 1763




Anzahl Mitarbeiter
51-100 (Stand: 2016)

zwischen 1 Mio und 10 Mio EUR (Stand: 2016)


Electronic parts

We offer a wide range of electronic components. Our products are being implemented in various electronic devices. Some of the processes used to produce our products are: - Stamping - Spot welding - Plating - Coating - Printing and many others.weiterlesen

Drinking fountain parts

Respect Her Industrial offers a number of components which are essential for the structure of any given water fountain. We produce these product with the help of various processes such as: - Stamping - Curling - Argon Welding - Polish - Electrolysis - Assemblyweiterlesen

Mechanical parts

Respect Her Industrial offers a wide range of mechanical products. These products are the succesful result of a number of processes which we use in our plants, such as: - Stamping - Coating - CNC Milling - Heat Treatment - Plating - Tumbling - Assemblyweiterlesen

Houseware parts

Our company offers a number of products for the houseware. We produce these products using diverse processes such as: - Stamping - Coating - Plating - Riveting - Spot Welding - Coating - Curling - Tube Bending - Assembly and others.weiterlesen

Automobile parts

We produce a number of elements for automobiles. The range of our services that we offer for this category is very wide and covers such as: - Stampings - Spots - Welding - Brazing - Platingweiterlesen

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