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Rigas Tehniska Universitate

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1658 Riga
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Herr Alvis Sokolovs
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Herr Ilmars Viksne
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Power Converter for Small Wind Turbines

Power converters for small wind turbines that can be integrated with permanent magnet or induction generators provide an opportunity to create a compact and easy to install system, which, in its turn, allows considerable cost reduction. Various solutions of input and output voltages are possible with ...weiterlesen

Mobile Device Charging Station

Mobile device charging station is a very convenient way to charge any mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. using solar energy. A charging station allows any visitor to use this device free of charge, it can be installed outside cafés, schools, youth centers, parks, etc. It can be simultaneously ...weiterlesen

Starch-Based Biopolymer

Researchers of RTU Institute of Polymer Materials have developed a new type of starch-based biopolymers, thus meeting the growing demand for environmentally friendly materials. The material is developed for the production of packaging and filament for 3D printing. It is biodegradable, affordable, and ...weiterlesen

Production of Biofuel from Biomass

The proposed technology offers environmentally friendly production of second generation biofuels from lignocellulosic biomass not intended for human consumption (agricultural waste, weeds, straw, wood-processing waste). Simple pre-treatment (mechanical) is combined with brief boiling and enzymatic hydrolysis. ...weiterlesen

Amber Composite Fiber

A new type of the product has been developed - amber composite fibers, which has significant advantages compared with the known polymer composite fibers, in particular, fibers with the smooth surface. Amber composite fibers do not cause allergic reactions, stimulate epidermis activity, facilitate normal ...weiterlesen

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