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Shanghai Complee Instrument

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Shanghai Complee
Instrument Co., Ltd.

790 Pengfeng Road
Technology Zone, Songjiang
201614 Shanghai
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Fax: +86 21 57858112


Herr Kai Li
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Telefon: +86 2157858383
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
251-500 (Stand: 2012)


KLY-SC Series Open Type Current Transformer

Features of Product: 1.KLY-SC series open type current transformers are designed in paticular for convenient installation.Because of split core,you dont need open any cable or bus-bar when install. 2.The connection of ordinary current transformers need pause primary current to let cable and bus-bar ...weiterlesen

Explosion-proof Meters

Explosion-proof meters comply with explosion-proof standard. It has obtained PCEC explosion-proof certification of China. The meters can be applied to chemical industry. The symbol letter is E. The performance of explosion-proof meters comply with IEC60079.0:1998, iEC60079-7.1990, GB3836.1-2000, GB3836.3-2000 ...weiterlesen

Special Meters for Welding Machine

Square-round series and Rectangular-round series features are anti-impact, anti-vibration and dust-proof. Meters with heavy damping and no overshoot can be customized to match the welding machine. A steady reading can still be obtained even when the welding machine is in operation. DC Anmeter with a ...weiterlesen

Digital Panel Meters

Measuring current, voltage, frequency,power, power factor and other electric parameters in power network and automation control system. Owning the benefits of direct-reading, high accuracy and stability and shock and vibration proof.weiterlesen

Analog Panel meters

Direct acting indicating analog electrical measuring instruments, which are mainly used on the distribution, control panel of power plant and other different apparatus to measure current, voltage, frequency and power, power factor, synchroscope, phase sequence and other non-electric parameters.weiterlesen

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