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Shanghai Hanbell Precise Machinery

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Shanghai Hanbell Precise Machinery
Co., Ltd.

No.8289 TingFeng Rd.
Fengjing Area, Jinshan District
201501 Shanghai
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Herr Richard Lee
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Frau Emma
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
251-500 (Stand: 2012)


Dry vacuum pump

Pumping speed:80~180m3/h Ultimate pressure<=1Pa Pumping speed:500~1800m3/h Ultimate pressure<=0.1Pa Application domain:semiconductor,photoelectricity, LED,TFT, pharmacy,chemial,solar energy,vacuum coating, heat treatment,etc. PS series technical parametersweiterlesen


Output power: 55kw~315kw Displacement: 10m3/min~55m3/min Exhaust pressure: 0.7Mpa~1.6Mpa Advantage: Patent tooth profile with advanced performance, design of high load tolerance, considerate design for customerweiterlesen

Air Screw Compressor (AE)

Output power:7.5kw-55kw Displacement:1m3/min~10m3/min Exhaust pressure:0.7Mpa~1.6Mpa Advantage:Patent tooth profile with advanced performance, design of high load tolerance, considerate design for customerweiterlesen

Hanbell refrigerant-cooled inverter (Inverter)

Features Half the size of equivalent forced air cooled inverter Two thirds the weight of equivalent forced air-cooled inverter Total protection: phase loss, low voltage, over voltage, overload, over current, overheated, sub-threshold current Low temperature rise during operation Higher cooling ...weiterlesen

RV Series VFD Screw Compressors (RV)

Features New precision screw rotor profile with minimum clearance and high tip speed High-efficiency motor especially for variable-speed application R134a, R22, R407C, R404A & R507 applicable with three types of motor A, B & C for different refrigerants and operating conditions. Long-life bearings ...weiterlesen

RT Series Centrifugal Compressors (RT)

Features Fewer rubbing parts, relatively energy efficient and with higher refrigerant flow than a similarly sized reciprocating compressor. Shorter length and spoke-like design for rapid acceleration of refrigerant flow and its immediate delivery to diffuser thereafter. Lower discharge temperature ...weiterlesen

Low Temp. Screw Compressor (L)

Features Especially suitable for thermal storage and low temperature application Innovative screw rotor profile design especially made for low temperature application Adjustable volume ratio control(Vi=2.2~4.8) Equipped with floating economizer port and it is quite useful in low temperature working ...weiterlesen

Refrigerant Screw Compressor (R)

Features Suitable for low temperature and medium temperature application, refrigeration and air-conditioning application, thermal-storage and heat pump application The latest 5 to 6 patented screw rotor profile with excellent efficiency Compatible with different refrigerant i.e. R22, R134a, R407C, ...weiterlesen


Hanbell AA series screw air compressor gained the state-of-the-art design with overall enclosure, pre-filtering, easy maintenance and simple installation. It was designed by means of "slender styling" with function and style combined on the body of air compressor package to save the space in the job-site. ...weiterlesen

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