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Shenzhen Artel Technology

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Shenzhen Artel Technology Co., Ltd

8D, F4. 8 Bldg
Tianan Cyber Park
518040 Shenzhen
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Fax: +86 755 83402232


Frau Maple Zhang
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Power quality standard source

Power quality standard sourceweiterlesen

Three-phase AC & DC standard source

Main function Support various tests including indicating meter, digital meter, energy meter, etc. Output 2nd ~63rd harmonics; Main features: High stability, low waveform distortion; 8 inch color touch screen, interface friendly, easy to operate; Equipped with RS232, Ethernet, and WiFi interface, AT3031 ...weiterlesen

3-phase AC Power Source

Main function: Used for various tests of analog and digital AC Voltage meter and Current meter, Single/three phase active and reactive power meter, Phase angle meter, Single/three phase power factor meter, frequency meter, and synchronous-meter, Single/three phase active and reactive power meter; Output ...weiterlesen

PRO EX Digital Panel Meter

1. Modular design 2. Ultra BRIGHT RED LED display 3. Analog output ( optional ) 4. RS-485 communication port ( optional ) 5. Relay output ( optional ) 6. Panel mounting 7. PRO series: PRO AC current panel meter PRO AC voltage panel meter PRO Frequency panel meter PRO power factor panel meter PRO ...weiterlesen

MDM3100 Multifunction Power Meter

1. LCD display 2. Measure more than 60 parameters such as P, Q, cos, F, kWh, kvarh, etc. 3. RS-485 communication protocol 4. 2 energy pulse outputs (active and reactive each) functions 5. Eight optional modules: - 8 remote input signals module - 4 relay output module - 4 analog output module ...weiterlesen

MDM3001s Digital Multifunction Meter

1. Measure and analyze real time data, such as U, I, In,P, Q, S, cos, F, kWh, kvarh, etc. 2. Built-in RS-485 communication port 3. 2 energy pulse output (active and reactive energy each) 4. Max/min. data record, and demand record 5. 1 channel programmable analog output (4~20mA or 0~5V, optional) ...weiterlesen

M60 Protection Controller of Low-Voltage Motor

Protection Function: Overtime start protection, Short circuit protection, Locked rotor protection, Under load protection, Overload protection, Thermal by overload, tE time protection (Increased Safety Motor), Unbalance protection (phase failure), Over power protection, Under power protection, Over power ...weiterlesen

AT1022C Electric Meter Calibrator

Main Features: * Accuracy: U, I, P, Kwh: ±0.05%; Q, Kvarh : ±0.1%; * U, I, P stability: 0.01%RG/3min; Distortion of AC Voltage and AC Current: <=0.2%; * Measurement Scope: AC Voltage: 150mV-1000V (Single phase), 57.7V-660V (3 phase); AC Current: 5mA-30A (Single phase), 0.2A-30A (3 Phase); DC Voltage: ...weiterlesen


Main features 1. Programmable PT and CT ratio 2. Analog output (optional) 3. Energy pulse output (optional) 4. Built-in RS-485 communication port 5. 1 channel remote signal input (optional) 6. Multi-tariff function (Max 12 time lots, optional)weiterlesen

ARZ-3W Power Quality Analyzer

Application >Power quality detection and management >Disturbance analysis, faults analysis, device pre-maintenance >Long term record and analysis >Power loads analysis >Energy consumption evaluation and analysis >Utilizing GPS synchronization to analyze the relevance between events in different ...weiterlesen

Pro Traditional Transducer

- DIN rail mounting - DIN rail mounting - High accuracy, high stability - 13 types of transducers for different inputs - PRO I31 AC Current transducer - PRO U31 AC Voltage transducer - PRO I33 3in1 Current transducer - PRO U33 3in1 Voltage transducer - PRO F31 frequency transducer - PRO L31 ...weiterlesen

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