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Two-layer plastic engraving signs

Signs in texts and symbols can be neatly made form this multi-layer special designated plastic. Name plates for machines, rooms and offices and employees as well as information announcements are just some of the possibilities. There are a number of plies, colors, thicknesses and engraving methods that ...weiterlesen

Valve ID

In modern factories, there may be hundreds of control valves and thousands of manual valves. Each of them needs proper identification to ensure safe working conditions. The same holds true for electrical identification tags that are made from plastic, acrylic, aluminum and stainless steel. In all factory ...weiterlesen

Aluminuim anodized signs

One of the most durable type of signs is made by anodizing technology. Aluminum is the metal of choice for this electro-chemical process. Anodized aluminum signs are very sturdy since the paint is kept in numerous tiny sealed aluminum pores. This type of sign is resistant to corrosion because its surface ...weiterlesen

Stainless etching signs

Etched metal is one of the most robust signs that users can find. An etched metal sign is made from a metal sheet which is etched and painted in the grooves. Stainless steel or aluminum are the primary chosen metals for this kind of sign while copper and brass are secondary. Since the paint is buried ...weiterlesen

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