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Stansefabrikken, UAB

Pasiles Str. 10
20194 Ukmerge
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Fax: +370 340 60023


Frau Gaile Pastukaite
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Telefon: +370 340 60162
Herr Thom Grøndahl
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Herr Willis Edward Perry
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Herr Patric Carlsson
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Telefon: +46 731 099142
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
251-500 (Stand: 2016)

zwischen 10 Mio und 50 Mio EUR (Stand: 2014)


Product development & Prototyping

Together with our customers and partners we do product development and prototyping within sheet metal production. With 3D design tools and development knowledgement we develop new and improve existing solutions.weiterlesen


We make sure that our products are professionally assembled and packaged. We cooperate with partners that supply various packaging materials: EPS, cardboard, ESD plastic, etc. Parts that we produce for well-known brands are packaged and shipped to customers without additional quality control. The company ...weiterlesen


We perform welding in almost any available method, including robot welding. The following services are provided: spot welding, MIG welding (with a a consumable wire electrode), TIG welding (with a non-consumable tungsten electrode). This method allows immediate powder coating without the need to remove ...weiterlesen

Powder coating

We have the biggest powder coating capacity in Lithuania. Two automated powder coating lines have fully automated pre-treatment process that involves phosphating, ensures consistent and high-quality coating results. The high-capacity automated powder coating line has an anti-corrosion function. The Oxsilan ...weiterlesen

CNC punching

CNC punching and laser-cutting are the main technologies used by Stansefabrikken. The plant uses five CNC punching presses and two CNC punching/laser-cutting presses. The main advantage of this technology is that it allows producing metal articles without significant investment in tooling. Modern CNC ...weiterlesen

CNC bending

Bending and punching with eccentric or hydraulic presses is the most often used and efficient method. Its biggest advantage lies in the use of punching; this allows to perform several bending operations at one go, saving both production costs and time. Bending with sheet bending machines allows performing ...weiterlesen

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